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Annual Reminder: You Can Probably Just Call The Super Bowl The Super Bowl


It’s that particular time of yr once more what place we right here at Techdirt have to remind you that, no, the NFL can’t hold you from referring to The Super Bowl as The Super Bowl, full cease. While the NFL stomps around your entire nation yearly, slapping down bars and churches for internet hosting Super Bowl events, all whereas a particularly unhelpful media performs alongside, the reality is that many of the bullying the NFL does isn’t over precise trademark infringement. Sure, if some enterprise advertises some affiliation or endorsement by the NFL, that may be trademark infringement. Or in the event that they claimed endorsement of the sport or the NFL, that too could be infringing use. But a church merely internet hosting a Super Bowl social gathering just isn’t trademark infringement.

And, in fact, the silliest output of this confusion is individuals and corporations utilizing half-baked euphemisms to discuss with the Super Bowl as an alternative. Everyone is aware of what they’re speaking about and, but, this one way or the other isn’t infringing. So, had been there any confusion, it might nonetheless exist, and but the NFL relents. The most typical of those has been “The Big Game”, in fact, and its use continues to this day.

Restaurants have taken to calling it the Big Game as a result of the NFL trademarked the title “Super Bowl” and jealously defends its use. But no matter you call it, Dallas eating places are providing a superabundance of specials and takeout choices for Sunday’s game. We’ll simply call them Super Bowl specials as a result of we are able to.

And so can everybody else. Really. Go forward. This “the Big Game” nonsense is modernity’s “fire in a crowded theater.” But, as a result of trademark bullying works, and everyone seems to be so afraid of the NFL, as an alternative you get this…

Not to be tripped up by trademark hassles, GAPCo received inventive in naming their game-day deal. The Superb Owl Sampler contains 12 garlic knots, 12 toasted ravioli (six cheese, six beef), 12 pizza poppers with giant ranch and sauces for dipping. The sampler ($55) feeds as much as 10 individuals.

How the hell do you even parody one thing like that?

But in case you actually wish to get your self irritated, precise United States authorities companies are getting in on this euphemistic bullshit. And the US Consumer Product Safety Commission really made this all sillier with its own messaging on Twitter.

Why within the title of Tom Brady’s sweaty jock strap would you place out a tweet that names the Super Bowl after which put out a picture that makes use of a euphemism for it? And, related: “the Large Football Game”? I’m frankly tempted to see that graphic as an try and poke enjoyable on the NFL for its protectionist nonsense, however one way or the other I don’t assume the USPSC has that much of a humorousness.

Stop. STOP. Stop giving the NFL an influence it doesn’t even have. Stop performing just like the league can one way or the other gatekeep actuality. It can’t. Just call the Super Bowl by its damned title. It’s not Voldemort, in spite of everything.

Annual Reminder: You Can Probably Just Call The Super Bowl The Super Bowl

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