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Are Millennials Blazing New Career Paths? – Above the Law


According to a 2022 ATL survey, just 28% of associates expect to remain at their current firms to become partners, while 10% would stay even if partnership weren’t an option. More than 40% plan to leave their firms within the next couple of years.

Is firm “loyalty” a meaningful concept for young attorneys? As the path to partnership seems less fixed than ever, how do millennial lawyers envision their future?

Last week, we launched a series of surveys in partnership with Major, Lindsey & Africa to gauge the impact of the millennial generation on law firm culture. The first installment addressed lawyers’ priorities.

With this second installment, we want to know about your goals.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts here. As always, the survey is anonymous. (And please note that we are not only interested in hearing from millennials; lawyers of all ages are encouraged to take the survey!)


If you have not taken the first survey in this series, “Priorities,” you can do so here.


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