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Call for Editors by Journal of Innovation, Competition & Information Law (JICIL): Apply by Dec 10


The Journal of Innovation, Competition & Information Law (JICIL) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates through a Call for Editors by December 10, 2022.


Journal of Innovation, Competition & Information Law (JICIL) is a peer-reviewed tri-annual journal aimed at understanding the nexus of the three areas viz. Intellectual Property Law, the legal custodian of any Innovation, Anti-Trust Laws which promote and encourage competition and IP and Information Law that binds the subject-matter of the other two laws. JICIL also deals with data protection and privacy that pertains to information, and focuses on technology and telecommunication laws as part of its ambit.

Structure of Editorial Board

JICIL structures its editorial board into two categories viz. Reviewers and Editors. Reviewers are members of academia and researchers who are well-versed with the areas of law that JICIL deals with who engage in review of manuscripts, while Editors handle day-to-day operations of JICIL.

The editorial work would involve a combination of administrative tasks, editorial tasks relating to handling and editing of manuscripts received from authors and pre-review work by senior editorial members elected on the Pre-Review Panel.

Editors may or may not be provided a stipend for every trimester. This may be in the form of cash. However, best performing editors would be recognized and provided a cash prize every trimester, as determined by Managing Editors.


Any undergraduate, graduate student or doctoral student is eligible to be an editor/reviewer in the editorial board. The candidate must demonstrate interest in competition law, intellectual property, technology law, telecommunications law, data protection law and privacy law or related areas of law and must commit to the aims and objectives of the journal.

Selection Process

In addition to screening candidates based on profile and submission of a response, they may telephonically interview shortlisted candidates briefly or provide them with a timed-response test prior to selection.

Onboarding of Peer-Reviewers

If any graduate scholar, faculty member, or professional would like to volunteer in aiding in the peer-review process or further steps, they will be happy to onboard peer-reviewers on Review Board, further to a short screening process. Please send your resume to info[at]jicil.in.

How to Apply?

Interested candidates may apply through the link given at the end of this post.

Application Deadline

December 10, 2022.

Contact Information

In case of any queries or questions, please contact at info[at]jicil.in.

Click here to apply

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