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We thought as an on-line media web site we’ll do our tiny bit to assist treatment the state of affairs.

Below is an inventory of assets you and your expensive ones would possibly discover helpful if the illness hits residence (we pray that it by no means does).

If you have got every other assets with you, please depart a touch upon this publish or ship an e-mail to tanuj.kalia[at]lawctopus.com

Take care. Stay secure. Wash your hands with cleaning soap for at least 30 seconds. Wear masks if and once you exit. Avoid going out so far as it’s possible. Maintain social distancing.

A. Covid Resources Across India: Uncut Website.

Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Gujarat, Chhatisgarh, J & Okay, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, J & Okay, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Uttar Pradesh (UP), Nagpur, Odisha, Rajasthan, South India, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra. Uncut Website.

Plasma, Oxygen Cylinders, Beds, Blood Banks, Covid Home Test, Meal Services. Uncut Website.

1. Bed availability in Bengaluru (Bangalore, Google Sheet): Click here.

2. Corona Beds in Delhi: https://coronabeds.jantasamvad.org/

The tabs/tables on the above link are clickable.

Availability of beds: Click here

Availability of ICU beds: Click here

3. Looking for Covid-19 mattress, oxygen cylinder or Remdesivir injections in Delhi? Details here.

4. Dhoondh.com: matching Plasma donors and sufferers who would possibly require assist.

5. Plasma resources.

6. Availability of Covid-19 mattress, oxygen cylinder or Remdesivir injections in Mumbai? Check here.

7. COVID resources.

8. COVID resources.

9. COVID Helpline numbers (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare): Redirects to JustDial website

Also accommodates names of Test Centers on one other tab.

10. Health providers and hospitals in Delhi: Click here (a Google Map created by a person)

11. 24 X 7 Ambulance service, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune: Click here


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