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Crybaby Rand Paul Upset That U.S. Attorney Won’t Investigate Nonexistent Crimes


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Libertarian champion Rand Paul is in a dither right now after discovering that the United States Attorney’s Office in D.C. gained through a win’t be pursuing expenses within the case of the individuals who “attacked” him after the RNC whereas they protested on behalf of Breonna Taylor.

Well, that’s not precisely true. The solely one that might remotely be charged with something was already arrested. But Paul’s concern is the BIG image. The senator took to Twitter to complain that Michael Sherwin — a prosecutor hand-selected and installed without Senate approval by Bill Barr by the way — is standing athwart the calls for of justice as a result of this “attack” is barely the tip of the iceberg in an unlimited interstate prison conspiracy funded by… somebody. We’ll simply assume he means George Soros and forgot which anti-Semitic reference to make right here.

It definitely seems like he’s received an hermetic case. I imply… how might there be so many Black individuals in a Washington D.C. with out having been flown in particularly for this? And how might they’ve “fresh new clothes” with out assistance from a mysterious benefactor? If you’re enjoying a white supremacist rhetoric consuming game, it is advisable to call an ambulance proper now.

This is, in fact, a non-story. But to the dingbat brigade, Rand is asking essential questions! A seek for right now’s “Rand Paul” information finds Fox News, the New York Post, the Washington Examiner, The Blaze, Newsmax all scorching on the path of the huge conspiracy that’s now managed to ensnare the Justice Department. No credible outlet is touching it. Except to troll him, in fact.

Here’s the video of the occasion:

The solely factor approaching “violence” is when a cop makes use of his bike as a battering ram to hit somebody — presumably the person they in the end arrested — and will get pushed again for it. It’s arduous to think about a extra mundane and toothless “attack.”

And that’s what makes this all so galling. Rand Paul got the hell kicked out of him by his neighbor in an assault that left him with damaged ribs so he is aware of what a correct assault seems to be like. Wading by protestors and being inside arms size of somebody being pushed shouldn’t be an “attack” and it’s definitely not an interstate prison conspiracy.

Though DHS Secretary cosplayer Chad Wolf is on board with the conspiracy:

“This is something that I have talked to the AG personally about,” Wolf instructed Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in early September, saying the division was targeted on “concentrating on and investigating the top of those organizations, [and] the people which might be paying for these people to maneuver throughout the nation.

“What we know, Tucker, is that we have seen groups and individuals move from Portland to other parts of the country,” he continued.

A reminder that the Justice Department could also be damaged however nonetheless clings tenuously to a actuality that the remainder of the federal government deserted way back. After all, they’ve sufficient phony voter fraud conspiracies to look into to get slowed down in phony protest conspiracies. PRIORITIES!

The irony of Paul’s scenario is that he’s one of many only a few Republicans who might have immediately engaged that protest. He truly launched the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act and constantly opposes the no-knock warrants that in the end killed her. If he simply had the bravery to face up and say, “I’m actually with you and I’m also disgusted by the rest of my Party on this issue” he may need gotten someplace.

It’s additionally slightly bizarre that an organized conspiracy would goal Rand Paul on the one challenge what place he was plausibly aligned with the group. You’d suppose the large cash people behind the secretive Antifa motion would have finished a greater job of planning on that one.

Almost makes you suppose that is all nonsense being spouted by a dolt making an attempt to land a five-minute hit on Newsmax tonight, huh?

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