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Deporting Illegal Alien Bad Guys Is Not “Anti-Immigrant.” It Is Pro-Victim And Pro-Common-Sense


The open-borders crowd all too usually depicts mentions of unlawful alien crime, and even the deporting of felony aliens, as nothing greater than expressions of “anti-immigrant” or racist sentiment. In truth, such misguided considering is a strong driving drive of reckless “sanctuary” policies that put harmless, law-abiding residents in danger. In actuality, speaking about – and eradicating – illegally-present unhealthy guys is about defending victims, lots of whom truly occur to be immigrants, from preventable crimes. Below are two latest examples demonstrating this, though FAIR’s online archive of illegal alien crimes accommodates lots extra.

A Cold-Blooded Murderer

In Chicago, Illinois, on March 28, Mexican nationwide Luis Pedrote-Salinas allegedly shot and killed his next-door-neighbor, Francisco Zamora, in entrance of the latter’s house. A Comcast contractor, Zamora was returning house from work. When the police tried to interview Pedrote-Salinas, who was trying to go away the scene, he injured three officers whereas resisting.

Pedrote-Salinas, who entered the U.S. illegally as a baby, has a long criminal history. In 2010, he was arrested for battery. In 2011, he was caught with an open can of beer in his automotive and was positioned on a gang member database due to a tattoo generally related to the Latin Kings (he claimed that he merely favored the design). In 2015, he was additionally arrested for aggravated assault. In 2012, when he was imagined to voluntarily depart the U.S., he tried to acquire a U visa by claiming to have been a sufferer of an armed theft, and in 2014 and 2015 he unsuccessfully utilized for the DACA program.

Pedrote-Salinas was offended that his inclusion within the gang member database sabotaged his efforts to acquire deportation aid. In July 2017, as he once more confronted elimination, he sued town of Chicago, claiming that police put him on the checklist out of racism. In November 2020, the lawsuit was ultimately settled, and Pedrote-Salinas acquired $2,000 and a letter from the Chicago Police Department stating that it can not confirm that he “is currently a ‘gang member’” (as outlined by state regulation). Six months later, fairly than “quitting while ahead,” the unlawful alien determined to kill his neighbor, shooting him within the brow at point-blank vary. Francisco Zamora left behind a spouse and two kids.

A Pedophile Rapist

On April 7, Fredy Aguilar-Menjivar of Salinas, California, was sentenced to 45 years in jail for repeatedly sexually assaulting a baby (“Jane Doe”). The Salvadoran nationwide raped and molested a feminine relative, who was under 14 on the time, on multiple events between August 2018 and March 2020. According to The Epoch Times, “the crimes were discovered by another family member during a party in which the child had attempted to stop Aguilar-Menjivar, the prosecutor’s office said. But the 31-year-old threatened to hurt her and her parents if she screamed.”

The unlawful alien apparently had a brush with the law again in 2014, and acquired a deportation order in June 2016, however in some way managed to stay within the nation. While the precise the explanation why Aguilar-Menjivar wasn’t bodily eliminated to El Salvador aren’t recognized, it’s clear that this failure in the end created a chance for him to repeatedly rape his teenage relative.

As the above instances clarify, had the perpetrators’ deportation orders truly been carried out – or had they not been within the nation within the first place – Francisco Zamora would probably nonetheless be alive right this moment, and “Jane Doe” would perhaps not have suffered extended sexual abuse. When it involves unlawful alien unhealthy guys, unlawful immigration is most definitely not a “victimless crime.” And those that mistakenly consider that they’re being “compassionate” and “pro-immigrant” by supporting sanctuary insurance policies, or trying the opposite method when unlawful alien crime is introduced up, ought to rethink their stance.


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