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The Ferragut Law Firm Brings Superior Defense Results for Arizona Clients

Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Ulises Ferragut
Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Ulises Ferragut speaks with a reporter during a break in a Phoenix high-profile criminal case

The Ferragut Law Firm, located in Phoenix Arizona, has been bringing superior results for its defense firm clients since 2002. A Marine Corp Veteran, Ulises Ferragut knows how to fight the good fight for his clients both in and out of court. He truly cares that his clients get the respect and fair treatment they deserve from the courts in Arizona.

Being a one-lawyer firm means that you will always be represented by Mr. Ferragut. Unlike a big defense firm, you’ll never be represented by a junior lawyer without the experience and knowledge a superior attorney like Mr. Ferragut is equipped with. You’ll also save money with The Ferragut Law Firm as they don’t have the expenses that a large firm has.

Mr. Ferragut represents clients that have been charged with any felony or misdemeanor in any Arizona court. Charges that he defends includes any type of drug charges, sex crime charges, white collar crime charges, assault charges including aggravated assault, shoplifting charges, DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charges, murder/homicide charges, probation violations, and court restitution issues, among many others. He also helps defend against Federal Charges such as interstate kidnapping where a kidnapping suspect drives across a state line. Other federal charges he helps defend are interstate drug crimes, and human trafficking.

Ulises Ferragut is also very experienced with criminal appeals in Arizona as well as Rule 32 Post Conviction Relief. The latter is specifically meant for anyone convicted of any crime in Arizona but may have been unfairly prejudiced, treated otherwise unfairly, or improperly represented. It could also pertain to a case where evidence existed that was not presented properly in court. Any of these causes could have meant a finding of innocence versus a guilty verdict.

The Ferragut Law Firm also handles Set Aside a Conviction Petitions in Arizona. This is known as Expungement in some other states. However, Arizona does not grant a full expungement of crimes. Instead, it is kind of like sweeping the conviction under the carpet. Having a successful Set Aside Petition is extremely helpful for submitting real estate mortgage applications, house or apartment rental applications, and job applications. With it, they will have a much higher chance of getting approved, even with a conviction on the record.

Although anyone can file for a Set Aside themselves with a paper from the courthouse, the odds of being successful are rather slim without the legal insight from an experienced defense law firm in Arizona such as The Ferragut Law Firm.

If you need a great Phoenix criminal defense attorney, Ulises Ferragut of The Ferragut Law Firm will be honored to speak with you during an absolutely free consultation with him. During your free consultation you’ll be able to discover what your legal alternatives could be and with that information, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you. You want to get your life back in order as it should be and The Ferragut Law Firm is available to help.

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