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Google Business Profile Posts: A How-To For Small Law Firms – Above the Law


Google Business Profile is a free online business directory. It allows you to share pertinent information with potential clients searching for your services online. The platform allows you to set up a profile that shares contact information, physical location address, website address, business hours, specialties, and customer reviews. Your website will appear in Google searches and on Google Maps if you have a Google Business Profile. Using this tool will connect potential clients to your law firm with minimal effort on your part.

Google Business Profile Posts
Google Business Profile posts are marketing tools that allow businesses with profiles to present information as a blog does. Google Business Profile posts allow you to update visitors on current information regarding the law and your law firm. These posts can also help to increase your SEO rankings if used properly. Google likes when you add consistent posts and updates to your profile and will reward you with higher rankings.

Your posts and updates will appear in search results and hopefully draw attention from potential clients even before they click on your website. These posts are active and live for several days. The posts are then archived but can still be seen by users online. Your Google Business Profile posts can include content like blog posts, links, photos, and a call to action. The posts can be optimized for SEO by using relevant keywords.

The posts can be formatted to book appointments, learn more about your legal services online, contact or call the your law firm, and learn more about your law firm overall.

SEO and Google Business Profile Posts
A Google Business Profile post can provide useful information to interested potential clients. A helpful post can influence users to click and visit your website. A high click rate will increase your SEO rankings. This Google-provided tool informs the search engine that your services are legitimate and valuable for local users. Google will reward a well-managed, active profile in the searches.

What Should I Include in My Posts?
Your posts should highlight valuable information for potential clients. Some ideas include:

  • A summary of your most recent blog, along with a link
  • Current events, including charitable events, seminars, and continuing legal education events (CLE)
  • Links to YouTube Videos
  • Information regarding new practice specialties
  • Honors and awards, as well as big settlements or victories your firm won
  • Positive reviews and testimonials
  • Schedule changes
  • Job openings at your firm
  • Articles and publications

Steps for Creating a Google My Business Post

1. Log in at Google Business Profile Dashboard.
2. Click “Posts.”
3. Then, click “Create Posts” in the pop-up menu.
4. Select the type of post.
5. Fill in all fields.
6. Write a post.
7. Add photos.
8. Include links.
9. Preview.
10. Finally, click “Publish.”

Congrats, you will have completed your first post on Google Business Profile after following those simple steps. Your dashboard will show how many people view and click on your posts.

Best Practices for Google My Business Posts
Below, you will find some of the best practices for creating strong Google Business Profile posts.

Accurately Complete Your Profile

Make sure your Google Business Profile Profile is complete. Include your law firm’s name, phone number, website address, industry category, and all of your local service. Verify your account and select if visitors can message your firm via Google. Other information to share may be:

  • List of services
  • Special holiday schedules
  • Links to book free consultations
  • Links to maps and transportation and information regarding parking

Use Photos
Photos will always enhance your SEO rankings. Images you may want to add to your profile include:

  • Your law firm logo
  • A cover photograph
  • Professional photographs
  • Office pictures

Include Positive Reviews
Happy clients love to provide positive reviews. Always ask satisfied clients for testimonials that can build a positive reputation for your firm and its services.

Follow Rules
Google likes rule followers and will reward you with higher SEO rankings. There are strict rules regarding posting on Google Business Profile, and your account will be suspended if you do not follow the rules. Google does not allow offensive, irrelevant posts or those that violate another person or company’s privacy.

Post Weekly
Posts should be consistently updated once a week. This shows prospective clients you are reliable and on top of your profile, and providing the most updated content.

Be Brief
Posts are not supposed to be as long as an article or blog. Keep posts between 150-300 characters.

Optimize With Keywords
Include keywords that resonate with users and pop up in most searches. This will enhance the relevance of your posts. Research to see which terms are searched most often.

Optimize All Sites
If your post links to a landing page, homepage, or social media profile, all those pages should be optimized and work to encourage users to keep reading or to contact you directly. Include a call to action on each page linked to your Google Business Profile posts.

A Professional Image Counts
Be sure your posts demonstrate a professional law firm. Avoid misspelled words, bad grammar, and a too-casual voice. Users will want to hire an extremely professional law firm.

Using Google Business Profile posts as part of your marketing plan is a smart way to build your online presence, increase your SEO rankings, and acquire new, quality clients.

Digital Marketing Next Steps
A marketing campaign for your law firm should have multiple facets. Aside from a strong website with high SEO rankings, the campaign should also include Google Business Profile posts. Find a way to incorporate adding content onto Google Business Profile in order to increase your overall SEO.


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