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Household Overcrowding Facilitates the Spread of Covid-19


A new report from the Center finds that immigrants comprise almost half of all employees residing in overcrowded housing. In many occupations deemed important in the course of the pandemic, immigrant employees account for a good bigger share of these in overcrowded circumstances. For instance, though immigrants are 32 p.c of butchers and meat processors, they comprise 64 p.c of all butchers and meat processors who reside in overcrowded circumstances.

Overcrowding is an issue for a lot of causes, particularly its function in spreading communicable illnesses equivalent to Covid-19. Indeed, main media shops, such because the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, have been elevating the concern of overcrowding all through the pandemic.

As the Center’s new report discusses, numerous tutorial research pre-dating the pandemic discovered that the share of a neighborhood number living residing in overcrowded circumstances will increase the unfold of respiratory viruses. As for Covid-19 particularly, a study revealed in August by the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that overcrowding was among the many elements that became greater a pregnant girl’s probability of testing sure in New York City. An analysis revealed by the Donahue Institute on the University of Massachusetts (UMDI) discovered that overcrowded housing was “the most indicative measure of Covid-19 spread that UMDI observed”.

The goal of this publish is to complement the analysis by measuring the connection between overcrowding and Covid-19 instances on a nationwide foundation. Using housing knowledge from the American Community Survey (ACS), Figure 1 plots county-by-county sure checks per capita (vertical axis) towards every county’s share of households which might be overcrowded (horizontal axis). Each dot represents considered one of 3,134 counties. The correlation of 0.23 signifies a sure relationship.

There are two causes that the connection might be much more sure than what Figure 1 implies. First, ACS pattern sizes are small in less-populated counties, resulting in appreciable measurement error within the overcrowding variable. Second, the info include unusual outliers. Most of the dots towards the underside proper of the plot (excessive overcrowding, low viral unfold) are majority-Native American areas of Alaska, a few of that are census areas, not counties. Another is completely within the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Moving over to the highest left of the plot (low overcrowding, excessive viral unfold), we discover counties with state prisons. Since overcrowding knowledge excludes prisons, however the virus knowledge contains them, these counties might be skewing the outcomes.

Figure 2 repeats the evaluation utilizing solely the 975 counties with at the very least 50,000 individuals, thus eliminating each the imprecisely measured counties and the unusual outliers. This causes the correlation to rise to 0.44.

Though lower than one-third of all counties within the United States, these 975 massive counties account for almost 9 out of 10 U.S. residents. Therefore, within the counties what place measurement of overcrowding is extra statistically sturdy, and what place the overwhelming majority of Americans reside, there’s a comparatively sturdy correlation between Covid-19 positivity charges and family overcrowding.

Many different elements are related to the unfold of illness, in fact, however our easy evaluation right here is per the discovering that family overcrowding helps unfold Covid-19, simply because it helps unfold different respiratory illnesses. The connection to immigration is evident. As the Center’s new report exhibits, immigration has added considerably to overcrowding within the United States, significantly amongst employees regarded as important in the course of the present pandemic. Efforts to scale back our nation’s vulnerability to future pandemics might want to handle the function that immigration performs within the overcrowding drawback.

Methodological Notes

The supply of our county-level knowledge on housing and number living is the latest five-year file of the American Community Survey, accessed by knowledge.census.gov. It covers 2014 by 2018.

Following the Census Bureau’s overcrowding definition, we designate as overcrowded any domicile with a couple of individual per room — excluding bogs, porches, balconies, foyers, halls, and unfinished basements.

Cumulative Covid-19 sure checks by county come from the New York Times online database, up to date by September 1, 2020. We use sure checks as a proxy for the precise instances of Covid-19 in every county. However, please be aware that sure checks are affected not solely by the prevalence of the virus in a specific county, but in addition by the county’s quantity of testing.

Due to the way in which the Times collects knowledge in sure cities (see “Geographic Exceptions” on the link above), the 5 counties of New York City are treated as one super-county. In Missouri, the three counties that overlap Kansas City are mixed, as are the 2 counties that overlap Joplin.


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