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In Vitro Validation of Vaginal Sampling in Rape Victims


News concerning incidents of sexual assaults and violent sex-crimes dedicated in opposition to girls shouldn’t be a brand new matter for dialog. However, ever for the reason that outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic started in the course of the early months of 2020, it has confined women and men to the 4 partitions of their home. This has proven an alarming rise within the variety of circumstances associated with home & sexual violence dedicated in opposition to girls, globally.

The phrases “Sexual Assault” and “Rape” are sometimes interchanged. However, we should perceive the distinction between the 2 phrases whereas coping with circumstances of sexual offences. This is very vital whereas deciding the severity of the punishment primarily based on the seriousness of the crime.

“Sexual Assault” is an umbrella time period used to seek advice from ‘any form of sexual contact or behaviour that occurs without the explicit consent of the victim.’(Sexual Assault | RAINN, n.d.) This might embody acts of fondling or undesirable sexual touching, molestation, incest, tried rape, compelled sexual activity (Rape), and forcible sodomy.

The time period “Rape” is used for a extra critical type of sexual assault. It is legally outlined as any type of undesirable sexual penetration. “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” (“What Is the Difference Between Rape and Sexual Assault?” 2019)

Following the notorious case of brutal rape and homicide of a 23-year-old lady, which befell in Delhi, on December 16th 2012, the Indian media named the sufferer as “Nirbhaya” to guard her id. (Nirbhaya Act, 2018) This incident brought about nationwide and worldwide condemnation concerning rising crime charges in opposition to girls and the insufficient authorized safety provided to them by the Indian Legislation. This paved approach for the modification of the Rape legal guidelines within the nation, to discourage the violence dedicated in opposition to girls.

The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act is a comparatively new & a extra stringent Anti-Rape Law which has redefined Rape and geared toward imposing extra extreme punishment to sex-offenders, which incorporates imposing the Capital Punishment on the repeat rape offenders. (How Nirbhaya Case Changed Rape Laws in India | India News – Times of India, n.d.)

Under this Act, amendments have been made to the prevailing felony legal guidelines that embody the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) and the Indian Evidence Act (IEA). Some of an important modifications that have been made embody the next:

  • The definition of Rape has now been broadened to incorporate Oral Sex, as well because the insertion of an object or another physique half into the lady’s vagina, urethra or anus. (Nirbhaya Act – Manifest IAS, n.d.)
  • It has outlined “Consent” as ‘an unequivocal agreement to engage in a particular sexual act’, additional clarifying that the ‘absence of resistance does not imply consent’.
  • New sections have been added within the IPC concerning offences reminiscent of Acid Attack, Sexual Harassment, Voyeurism, and Stalking.

Contact between two or extra topics intertwined in a felony act is a pure consequence of the crime that takes place. This is what place an important precept of Forensic Science, popularly often known as the “Locard’s Principle of Exchange”, comes into the image. This precept states that “Whenever two entities come in contact, mutual exchange of traces take place” (Sharma, 2014) Therefore, the identical precept applies to circumstances of sexual assault & rape. When an assailant sexually assaults a sufferer, a mutual alternate of matter takes place between the 2 people. If these traces of proof are recognized, it will possibly assist in linking the sufferer and the assailant to that exact felony act.

Important organic proof to be collected from the Victim of Sexual Assault:

When an investigator offers with the circumstances of sexual assault, the primary job is geared toward offering proof as as to if sex occurred. This is finished by the collection of acceptable forensic testing and assortment of samples inside an acceptable time interval.’(Nittis, 2013) This is adopted by the gathering of proof that will assist in the identification of the alleged accused.

In addition to sexual assault accidents on the sufferer’s physique, searching for the presence of organic proof on the physique of the sufferer or suspect is of prime significance. This is as a result of organic proof reminiscent of Semen, Vaginal Secretions, Blood, Menstrual Blood, Saliva, and many others., are precious sources of DNA proof, which play a big function in establishing the person’s id. Furthermore, investigators additionally search for hint proof that would have been exchanged in the course of the assault. This might embody ­­­epithelial cells discovered under the sufferer’s fingernails which may be exchanged from the assaulter to the sufferer, on account of defending herself in the course of the assault, fabric fibres, soil particles, traces of lubricants from the condom, if utilized by the assaulter; pollen or plant spores, and different normal particles supplies that may very well be recovered from the sufferer’s genital area. The samples are collected from a number of elements of the sufferer’s physique and that of the accused might embody the next: (Evidence-Based-Forensic-Sampling-Standards.Pdf, n.d.)

  • Oral swabs collected from the Victim and the Suspect
  • Female genital sampling: Swabs from the vulva (which includes of labia majora, labia minora & the clitoris) and the vaginal canal.
  • Penile samples collected from the accused: Swabs from the penile shaft & penile glans.
  • Anal & Rectal swabs collected from the Victim.
  • Swabs from the pores and skin of the sufferer & and the accused, for assortment of epithelial cells, semen, blood stains, saliva, and different organic fluids.
  • Fingernail samples collected from the sufferer & accused.

However, for the reason that focus of this text being the validation of vaginal sampling technique, we’re going to additional talk about the Vaginal Sampling Methods intimately.

Vaginal Sampling strategies used for Sample Collection:

In circumstances of Sexual Assaults & Rape, the medical examination of the sufferer is carried out by a medical practitioner solely primarily based on the requisition of a police officer or the Magistrate and the written consent given by the sufferer for present process the examination. (Reddy & Murty, 2014)

While the medical skilled examines the genital area of the sufferer for any damages brought about to the hymen, or another vaginal accidents on account of the sexual assault, they might additionally document and accumulate any hint proof, if discovered. Vaginal sampling is routinely carried out to gather hint supplies contained in the vagina (e.g., physique fluids, traces of objects, condom lubricants) that may assist in proving vaginal penetration in sex-crime circumstances.

Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence (SAFE) kits, also called “Rape Kits”, are used within the assortment and packaging of proof from the physique of a Rape Victim. It accommodates all of the supplies and tools vital for the proof assortment carried out in the course of the medical examination of the sufferer. Even although the contents of the package might range in accordance with the state or jurisdiction, it typically accommodates documentation types, a comb, a sheet of directions, baggage & envelopes for proof assortment, blood sampling tools, and swabs. (What Is a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam? | RAINN, n.d.)

Based on the rules prescribed for the Vaginal Trace Sampling, it’s endorsed to make use of a Speculum and Swabs, or Swabs just for the pattern assortment. (Loeve et al., 2013)

A speculum is a medical instrument that’s used to widen the opening of the vagina to get a greater visible subject for the examination of the vagina and cervix. (Definition of Speculum, Vaginal, n.d.). The use of the speculum in the course of the vaginal sampling ensures that the cotton-tipped swab might be inserted into the vaginal canal to a particular depth to correctly swab the surfaces for assortment of the hint proof, with out much hindrance from the exterior vaginal surfaces. (Vaginal Speculum, 2018)

However, in lots of circumstances, the vaginal swabs are carried out with the cotton-tipped swabs (resembles an earbud), which is first moistened with distilled water and inserted immediately into the vaginal canal by the hymen, whereas protecting the labia unfold, with the examiner’s fingers.

 Reliability of Vaginal Sampling Methods:

Concerned with the problems concerning the reliability of the prevailing vaginal sampling technique & the potential for errors that will happen whereas sampling the Vaginal proof, that will doubtlessly have an effect on the outcomes of the examination of such vaginal samples, a bunch of scientists (Loeve et al., 2013) from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, determined to conduct a ‘study to investigate the reliability of vaginal trace sampling methods (with/ without speculum) on mock-up vaginas.’ (Loeve et al., 2013) (Newton, 2014)

The research aimed to evaluate the dangers of acquiring false-positive findings from in-vitro traces collected from the within of the vagina, which can happen on account of the unintentional dislocation of hint proof from the unique web site, exterior of the vaginal floor, to the insides of the vagina. This could also be brought about by means of sampling strategies reminiscent of speculum and swabs, that are the standard methods used to gather proof from the vagina in circumstances of feminine sexual assault that entails vaginal penetration.  

The foundation for the priority concerning the unintentional switch of the hint proof arises from Locard’s Principle of Exchange. Often, the instrument reminiscent of a speculum, which is used to hold out the vaginal sampling is available in contact with the floor of the labia minora. This floor may carry some hint supplies over it, which might have been exchanged in the course of the sexual assault. Now, when the identical instrument is being inserted into the vaginal opening, a few of the hint proof current on the floor of instrument (picked up from the floor of the labia) could also be unknowingly transferred into the vaginal canal, what place it didn’t beforehand exist. Further, when the vaginal canal is swabbed for the hint proof sampling, it could choose up these newly hint proof (which initially didn’t belong there) and provides a false-positive outcome that may doubtlessly mislead the investigation.

 In-Vitro Validation of the Vaginal Sampling Methods:

The time period ‘In-Vitro’ refers back to the research or experiments which are carried out exterior of a residing organism’s physique. These experiments are often carried out in a laboratory, on glass or petri-dish, under sure particular & managed environmental circumstances artificially created to imitate the circumstances of the physique.

In the beforehand talked about research that was carried out to evaluate the chance of unintentional hint dislocation, the scientists used grownup sex toys that resembled a prosthetic vagina, made up of versatile, visco-elastic polymer. This supplied an acceptable in-vitro situation to experiment and assess the reliability of the Vaginal Trace Sampling technique.

In addition to the same old speculum and swab technique of vaginal sampling, the scientists included a easy “Sleeve” accent within the experiment. This was used to assist forestall any hint supplies from being unintentionally transferred from exterior the exterior floor of the vagina (labia) into the vagina itself.

‘The sleeve accent that was developed consisted of a inflexible plastic ring with a skinny, versatile however non-stretch foil tube, which was firmly connected at one finish to the whole perimeter of the plastic ring. This accent was designed for use with a Seyffert vaginal speculum. (Loeve et al., 2013) The foil tube used right here, behaves as a defend to the speculum blades, stopping it from coming in direct contact with any of the hint supplies which may be current on the vulva & the vaginal entrance.

Therefore, the ultimate experiment intertwined the testing of the next three vaginal sampling strategies for hint proof assortment:

  • The “speculum method”, through which the speculum is inserted earlier than utilizing the swab
  • The “swab-only method”, through which the swab is blindly inserted into the vagina by the hymen.
  • The “Sleeve method”, through which a speculum is inserted with assistance from a sleeve accent earlier than a swab is used. ( 1 Illustrations of the Sleeve Accessory Structure and Operation. a…, n.d.)

For this research, viscous starch cream (8.25 wt% starch boiled water) was used because the hint thing. It was utilized onto the labia minora of a vulva-vagina mock-up. During the experiment, if any of the hint thing was unintentionally transferred from its unique web site to the vagina itself, the traces of starch might be simply detected utilizing iodine resolution (0.05 wt%), which might be noticed by the formation of a blue-black color. (Loeve et al., 2013)


  • Results and Conclusion of the In-vitro Sampling Methods:

Each of the three sampling strategies was examined 30 occasions on Three totally different vulva- vagina mock-up buildings of various sizes.  The experimental outcomes for all of the 90 check runs indicated that the “Speculum Method” confirmed 100% hint dislocation. This urged {that a} clean mock-up vagina was contaminated by the switch of hint thing into the vaginal canal from the labia and the encircling genital area. Trace dislocation was additionally noticed within the case of the “Swab-only method”, however was lesser than the “Speculum Method”, having proven the switch of hint thing as much as 63-87% of the circumstances. However, the outcomes of hint dislocation when utilizing the “Sleeve Method”, confirmed considerably decrease circumstances of switch, coming as much as solely 2% of the circumstances.

Thus, the outcomes of this research counsel that there’s a appreciable quantity of danger of unintentional dislocation of hint proof related to the usage of the standard Vaginal Sampling strategies that concern utilizing a Speculum and Swabs.

Therefore, primarily based on this research it may be concluded that there’s an pressing want to hold out additional analysis associated with medical in-vivo research, to find out whether or not the usage of these typical strategies for vaginal sampling offers False-Positive outcomes as proven within the research mentioned above.


The relevance of the research when coping with circumstances of sexual assault:

This research mentioned ‘Accidental Trace Dislocation’. As talked about earlier, hint proof will also be doubtlessly incriminating proof if detected and analysed appropriately. When coping with circumstances of rape, the presence of hint supplies of objects within the vaginal area of the sufferer can assist rule out whether or not or not a out of the country object was used for penetration, and in addition decide the type of object that was used to commit the crime. For instance, traces of the iron particles discovered within the rape sufferer’s genital might point out that some out of the country object made up of iron was in the course of the sexual assault. Further, if the traces have been discovered within the sufferer’s vaginal canal, it will possibly point out that the thing was used for the penetration.

This can behave as essential proof whereas figuring out the seriousness of the crime, to impose a punishment that matches the felony act.



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