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Internship Experience at B&B Associates, Delhi: A Grilling & Grueling Exposure to Quality Work; No Stipend


Name of the Student

Vanshika Jain

College and Year of Study

Asian Law College, Noida, 5th year

Name and Address of the Organization

B&B Associates, Block D, House No.52, Basement Pancheel Enclave, Delhi 110017

Duration of internship

Jun 1, 2022, to July 1, 2022

How did you Apply?

I applied for the internship by sending an E-mail to shubhambhalla[at]hotmail attaching my CV and Cover Letter. After a few days, I got a revert from Shubham Bhalla sir and he gave me the joining date.

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First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

On the first day, I got to meet Yajur Bhalla sir who is also a partner with Shubham Bhalla sir where he asked me about my areas of interest and what type of cases I wanted to work upon. So that they can assign you the work accordingly. The Chambers is equipped with all the facilities that are required to efficiently work in a law office and that one could deem.

It has a decent library containing bare acts and legal commentaries on almost all major acts. Also, there is a kitchen at the Chambers which interns are allowed to use and from where one can get tea or coffee. The interns sit and work with the associates and can ask for help anytime they feel stuck in anything.

Main Tasks

A grilling & gruelling exposure to quality work with rigid deadlines. An experience that teaches you the
toughness of litigation & durability you need to possess to survive there. I never thought that such successful litigating lawyers have to cultivate all these qualities for sustaining themselves in the profession to ensure their lifetime.

Working with Yajur Sir & Shubham Sir showcased to me the stamina I have to develop if I look towards litigation as a successful career trajectory.

The office has a variety of work in various forums, not limited to Arbitration, Constitutional writ matters, and civil contract matters before various Courts including even the Trial Courts. So you get a package deal whilst interning at SVS Attorneys with all sorts of assignments. You get online research, an online compilation of files and petitions which are to be prepared for e-filing, and drafting work with associates.

The Chambers operate with a ‘high tech ecosystem’, geared towards a ‘paperless environment’. So by default, the interns have to conform themselves to technology & app-based online office tools, whilst interning here. Work, needless to say, is interesting & enriching especially for all those who plan litigation for their future.

Work Environment 

Everyone at the Chambers, be it the founders themselves or the senior associates Sumeir Sir, Akansha Ma’am and Anchita Ma’am was always there to clear even the smallest and silliest of the doubts that I had regarding the work allotted to me. I could approach them at all times for any kind of help or guidance.

Good things

The best part of my internship was that every task allotted to me was of my choice if I wanted to work on
Arbitration matters, Criminal matters or any other matters Partners there made sure I shall be enjoying
my work it should not be a burden on me. They made my learning process interesting and easy.

Further, I got to learn how the law functions in the real world by working on live cases and get to work on cases with Rajive Bhalla sir who was a former Justice in Punjab and Haryana High Court. Overall, My internship experience at the Chambers was one of the most fruitful and enriching experiences so far.

Bad things

There are no eateries nearby, to have food. Rest in everything is amazing.

Accommodation & Conveyance to Office 

I stayed in a PG and commuted to the Office by metro.


There was no stipend.

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