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Internship Experience at BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, Delhi: Improved Practical Skills, Drafting


Name of the Student


Name and Address of the Organization

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, BSES Bhawan, Nehru Place, Delhi 110 019.

Duration of Internship

2 months; January 2022 – February 2022.

How did you Apply?

I submitted my CV and a Cover letter. The call for an interview was floated after 10 days and there 2 rounds of interviews lasting 2 days.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

I was briefed about the company and I was given Electricity Act and many landmark judgements. 

Main Tasks

Research work on:

  • Short closure of agreements.
  • Whether Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is liable to pay electricity tax for the entire network including railway traction.
  • Differentiate if DMRC is actually exempted from paying electricity tax per se or we may charge it barring traction lines but on other assets.
  • Whether any relief granted to TPDDL will be made applicable to BSES also being similarly placed DISCOMS.
  • Prepared project report on Exceptions carved out in Electricity Laws. 
  • The project consists of two points of research: (i) Limitation on Electricity Dues, and (ii) Electric Dues are levied against premises and not persons.

Work Environment

They are formal and slightly strict, though always approachable and they appreciate interns who ask for work. In the beginning, they appreciate and value obedience and discipline and clarify their doubts. But one must keep up the willingness to get work. 

Good things

They teach you the technical aspects of the work at hand, improving practical skills such as drafting and thinking on your feet. Frankly, I received a great amount of exposure to the legal in-house counsel work that happens at institutes dealing with power and electricity.

It was an introduction to a completely new avenue and I found it extremely interesting. They focus on niche areas and encourage interns to take up similar job profiles and make a difference. 

Bad things

The mantra is to keep asking for as much work as you can. But this gets hectic at times. Sometimes, certain associates will be unfriendly to you so one must be careful. 

Accommodation & Conveyance to Office

I commuted from home to the workplace, which was hectic but worth the learning experience.


No stipend was provided.

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