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Internship Experience at The Amikus Qriae, Delhi: Gained Confidence; Cooperative; No Stipend


Name of the Student


Name and Address of the Organization

The Amikus Qriae

Duration of Internship


How did you Apply?

Through the Lawctopus website.

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

The first day of this internship program was marked by an orientation session conducted by the organization which had immensely helped the interns to be familiar with paper publication and its related practices. After that, an introduction session was held with all the interns where all of us had to introduce ourselves. On the same day, we were assigned the first task of writing a research paper on any topic of our choice.

Main Tasks

The assignments evolved around drafting and legal research. We were given several drafting exercises to hone our drafting skills. We were asked to draft a restitution petition and a notice under N.I. Act. The editors also gave us their insightful feedback on our tasks.

Work Environment

The entire environment was quite student-friendly and apt for learning. The internship coordinators were very helpful and took the sessions regularly. Also, they were very approachable and any intern could reach out to them as and when required. Besides the webinars on many important legal aspects were also very enriching.

Good things

This internship helped me gain immense exposure in the areas of legal drafting and research. Under their supervision, I have written one proper research paper which has helped me develop confidence in the arena of research and writing. Besides the regular review meetings on the tasks given, were immensely helpful.

Bad things

Nothing as such. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Such a great learning experience definitely made me overlook the flaws, if any. During this entire program, I did not face any difficulty in relation to the submission deadline the tasks given, or anything else.

Accommodation & Conveyance to Office 

It was an online internship. I did it in a remote setting. It was comfortable for a student to work on his /her assigned tasks in a remote internship like this. Also, they used to hold the review meets and other sessions at convenient times.


No, but the experience gained is priceless.

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