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Are you additionally one of many naive people who binged on Suits and will see your self saying, “I am the best closer Delhi has ever seen?”. Or are you a kind of gullible sheep proven the sunshine to salvation by your CLAT teaching institute–the 20 lakhs PA bundle. Or are you simply meekly following your loved ones’s custom of being swathed within the Judge’s robes?

Whatever your causes could also be, do you now all of the sudden end up within the sizzling quagmire mess of endless legislation faculty courses performed over Zoom portals and unfinished assignments, complicated Contracts theories, relentless professors raining down upon you and overachieving classmates? Well identical, man.

Not that i’m right here to supply solace, however I plan on reassuring you that you’re not the one “young, dumb, and broke” on the market. There’s an entire lot within the Batch of 2025 going by way of the very same spectrum of feelings that you’re (we bond by way of trauma, eh?).

Law School Hierarchy

How do you guess whether or not somebody is from one of many prime Three lawschools?

You don’t must guess. They will inform it to you themselves.

Do you belong to The Holy Trinity of Top Law Schools- NLSIU, NUJS and NALSAR (no Jindal it’s possible you’ll actually NOT sit with us) and nonetheless not undergo from a false sense of entitlement? Congratulations, you may very well be regular.

But no matter the inherent hierarchy of lawschools or what place your college lies within the NIRF Rankings primarily based upon completely irrelevant and arbitrary (and structurally decided) elements, college students all throughout India are united by the ethical calling of how all of us put ourselves in exorbitant debt to repay lawschool dues.

Campus Life

If you suppose your life is difficult, think about a bunch of overeager, barely 18 12 months olds, who’ve by no means seen their associates or their faculty campus. They have missed their more energizing’s. They haven’t any social life pertaining to their college. A relentless state of tension of getting a humiliating digital slip-up of by accident being unmuted or leaving a digital camera on is perpetual. Please be sort to them; their solely semblance of reminiscences of first 12 months at lawschool are the memes which they’ve despatched to one another.


AND LMAOO, FESTS DID YOU SAY? Getting too forward of ourselves aren’t we?


What is the collective noun for pompous extroverts, suited up in black and throwing round authorized jargon and obscure case legal guidelines like get together confetti?


Every first 12 months at their first moot

Every first 12 months has/had moist goals of occurring all-expenses-paid journeys to more unique places. What they by no means thought was sitting of their rooms, in entrance of their webcam and shouting “am I audible, Your Honour?” each Three seconds.

For the introverted, thick glassed language snobs who’ve (supposedly) commanded mastery over Celtic-English, Latin, Anglo-Saxon English and French littératur; legislation faculties have this insanely academic activity generally known as a Law Review what place they put their in depth data to good use i.e. checking spelling errors and quotation requirements of articles they don’t perceive.

Ambiverts- don’t fret. We have actions for you too within the type of scholar run golf equipment which both run blogs or invite visitors to talk on completely obscure area of interest subjects which no one actually cares for or understands.

Also, is your legislation faculty actually a legislation faculty when you don’t have committees that are too conservative or too pro-Che?


Every first 12 months shrimp has that one topic–yep, THAT SUBJECT– which makes them second guess their resolution for enrolling to a legislation faculty. While I do agree, Contracts is a particularly fascinating and nuanced topic, Bob Marley turns into more and more applicable on this context when he said-One love. One life. One world. One struggle. One night time. Entire semester value of readings.

That is how Contracts appears to be going for me (fallacious/irrelevant case legislation citing gang, pls rise).

Do you even have a elaborate latin phrase up there in your instagram bio or are you really regular? Because nobody can change my thoughts after I say that legislation faculty is only a place for English majors to generate profits.

Before coming into legislation faculty I actually thought I might have helpful associates who would assist me tide by way of my class work every day however now i’ve merely internalised it with loud sighs that “group study sessions” is solely a code phrase for tea spilling gossip classes.

I might LOVE to elaborate extra on how my first semester exams went however I might slightly steer clear of that gray murky space. 😉


(Balance? Time administration? Organisation? Yeah proper.)

“Am I negligently or recklessly procrastinating?” if it is a query you end up asking this for greater than Three occasions a day, then I formally welcome you to the membership (gang gang).

I gained through a win’t mislead yall. i’ve solely four outstanding feelings with regards to my assignments- panic, anxiousness assaults whereas panicking, paranoia induced anxiousness assaults whereas panicking, feeling ‘???’ whereas panicking.

Verified solutions collected by area survey

I got here right here on the lookout for a great time, and I’m nonetheless trying (frantically) for a great time.


intentional infliction and emotional misery. Professors held responsible.

Ever heard of that quote “all work, and no play makes Jack a law student” or one thing like that.

That is the mantra all professors go religiously by.

How dareth thy possess some free time? Here, take these 47 circumstances to scar you for a lifetime.

Me lurking in my professors e mail the night time earlier than my finish sem

(for private PTSD causes, the creator won’t be elaborating on her very first viva experience in legislation faculty. nope, Thank you. )


If you look a bit of nearer, you will notice the high quality strains of groupism veined into your seemingly liberal first 12 months class.

The Overachiever– that will help you query your self value at each attainable junction of your tutorial life, who has already secured the job bundle at Cyril Amarchand and is simply there for the diploma.

We all know a kevin 😉

The Jock– handsome, road sensible, standard in school and the soccer area courting and social lives in full bloom. Not actually a baller at teachers however made his mark within the debating area, secured inheritor at his daddy’s legislation agency.

Then you will have your 3-working-braincells-confused-individuals; who got here to lawschool for the events and (…ahem) “herbs” however as an alternative discovered themselves in an endless cycle of semesters and assignments, a non-existent entity generally known as a great psychological well being, zero serotonin, and crying themselves to sleep each night time.

Oh, sure. And that ONE single person of the male persuasion who acts like he has already cracked UPSC/Judiciary.

Unpaid Internships

(Karl Marx was proper)

As if the debt virtually equalling the GDP of a 3rd world Carribean Nation wasn’t fulfilling sufficient, free markets have now created the train of thought of interns who’re exploited for his or her labour besides that labour in any kind will get paid, however interns don’t. Some legislation corporations play the reverse capitalism card once they really ask you for charges in lieu of the “opportunity” to intern under them.

Haha however jokes apart, the time interval after deciding to take a seat for CLAT till now has been a complete whirlwind and completely reverse to what most of us anticipated. But the state of affairs round us precisely hasn’t been regular, I have to admit and all of us have been attempting our greatest to make one of the best of the scenario- classmates, seniors, school, college admins.

The above article was written in excessive hyperbole and all hope isn’t misplaced. Looking on the brighter facet, there are such a lot of issues which we’ve not skilled which legislation faculty has to supply and therefore, so many issues to look ahead to.

I’m certain that the majority of our seniors have been extraordinarily useful with their advices and their steering.

While a senior did say to me (what nightmares are manufactured from)-

“Came smart. Stayed scared. Finished soulless.”

Another additionally said-

It will all be value it. (?)

Image Credits: Grad School Memes (link here).

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