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Morning Docket: 02.27.23 – Above the Law


* Should one admission be enough to practice in all federal courts? If we let a single judge in the middle of nowhere issue injunctions binding the whole country, we may as well let the lawyers practice across the country. [National Law Journal]

* Reddit stories are always a little suspect, but could this law student have lost a job over “bofadeez nutz” greeting? [LegalCheek]

* A pair of siblings have barricaded themselves in a room at their mom’s house and taken to TikTok after a Utah judge ordered them returned to their father AFTER the state child welfare agency concluded that the father sexually abused the kids. A lot of people just shouldn’t be allowed to be judges, y’all. [ProPublica]

* FTC ends its challenge to the Meta-Within deal. Remember this when we’re all stuck in Zuckerberg’s Metaverse hellscape in a few years. [Law360]

* Texas prosecutors can’t go after people for offering financial aid to women seeking abortion care in other states, which for some reason required a court ruling to clarify. [Reuters]

* States sue FDA over moves to limit abortion pill access, which the administration is limiting right as states crack down on reproductive health care. [Courthouse News Service]

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