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Nickelodeon Pushes DACA Amnesty on Kids


Nickelodeon – the kids’s tv community most well-known for airing “SpongeBob SquarePants”– let go a video explaining to its younger viewers the significance of immigration reform. No, actually. A tv community whose audience is elementary school-aged kids waded into the controversy over amnesty for unlawful aliens.

The brief clip options Izabella Alvarez – a voice actress for the community’s cartoon “The Casagrandes” – highlighting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, as well because the DREAM Act. The clip is under 45 seconds, and is ostensibly academic. But the message is crystal clear: DACA and the DREAM Act are solely sure issues deserving celebration, bolstered by the ultimate picture emblazoned with the phrase “Kids, Immigration AND Equality.” It is pushing amnesty advocacy on children, plain and easy.

This begs the query, why is a kids’s community pushing this on its younger viewers? What is the aim of a kids’s community taking a stance on this challenge in any respect? The most evident reply is that Nickelodeon’s mum or dad business, Viacom CBS, needs them to. Nickelodeon even has a Nick News segment detailing in much better element DACA and the DREAM Act. This is the direct quote from the outline of the episode:

A particular wanting on the historical past
of immigration within the United States and the way it’s advanced to at the moment. Is there a
distinction? We’ll show that everybody making an attempt to make it to the US for
generations, has been doing so for a similar causes.

It clocks in at about 22 minutes. Throughout the particular, common clips of Nickelodeon cartoons seem to strengthen the open borders message. For instance, the narrator begins with, “We’ll explore why do people immigrate, where to immigrants come from, and why is immigration an important symbol of the United States?” Immediately after, a clip of SpongeBob SquarePants seems what place one of many characters says “Home is where you’re surrounded by other critters that care about you.”

The message couldn’t any clearer, notably when the episode consists of “Messages of Hope and Inspiration,” certainly one of which is from outspoken liberal comic Samantha Bee. Even present Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tunes in to reply a query for the phase!

Much just like the media generally, Nickelodeon’s remedy of
immigration is totally watered-down and distorted right into a cartoonish
caricature of the particular matter. Nowhere in Nickelodeon’s propaganda are the
penalties of immigration mentioned and even thought of. Instead, Nickelodeon’s
viewers – younger kids – obtain a rose-tinted and one-sided image of immigration
coverage devoid of any context, that means, or acknowledgement of legit
considerations with unfettered and limitless immigration into this nation.

Parents beware.


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