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Obfuscation and Patenting of @#$%


by Dennis Crouch

Profs. Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec and Andrew Gilden just lately posted a draft of their new article “Patenting Pleasure.”  If you can’t discern the subject from their title, Prof Nicholson Price has additionally simply revealed a assessment essay titled Illegal Sex Toy Patents. Price describes the “central tension” from the article:

Because of the utility doctrine, patentees should say what their innovations are for—however as a result of US regulation has been usually fairly hostile to sex and sex tech, pleasure patents must say they’re for one thing apart from, well, pleasure. In the center of the piece, Rajec and Gilden fastidiously catalog these descriptions over time, revealing a altering image about what types of functions have been thought-about acceptable sex tech—at the very least, within the eyes of the USPTO.

Price.  Some quantity of obfuscation can be acquainted to patent attorneys as we speak throughout varied fields.  Although not unlawful, most patents keep away from detailing the core invention — what actually is the development over the prior artwork.  Likewise, some patent attorneys could have walked the tight-line between the patentability disclosure requirement and client-interest in retaining sure commerce secrets and techniques.  Some patent attorneys are onerous at work making an attempt to beat the PTO’s AI system that routes patent purposes to the varied artwork items (a few of that are seen as extra beneficial than others).  Many are additionally attempting to determine methods to patent innovations which might be near the abstract-idea line with out sending the case again to the inventors for extra inventing.  Perhaps all of this goes together with conventional core roles of attorneys — advocating and retaining secrets and techniques.

In any occasion, Rajec-Gilden don’t embrace any of the patent drawings and must be secure for studying on the practice.



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