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One-Word Amendment to the Florida Constitutional Amendment to Prohibit Aliens from Voting


During the November election, along with selecting a brand new president and dozens of state and native officers, Florida voters might be requested to think about a number of poll initiatives, together with a constitutional modification. This is the text of proposed modification:

ARTICLE VI, Section 2. Electors. Every citizen Only a citizen of the United States who’s not less than eighteen years of age and who’s a everlasting resident of the state, if registered as supplied by regulation, shall be an elector of the county what place registered.

As readers will see, it substitutes the primary phrase, “Every”, with the phrase “Only”. (Emphasis added.)

The proposed modification was added to the poll by a citizen initiative gathering nearly 1 million valid signatures. Nonetheless, the Florida Democratic Party and its native chapters are uniformly in opposition to the modification. (Amusingly, the Florida Keys (Monroe County) Democratic Party calls the modification “noncontroversial” and but goes on to induce a “no” vote.) Numerous Florida media shops are additionally in opposition to the modification. (See, e.g., here and here.)

Virtually all describe it as a “gimmick” with no sensible impact. Some go additional to say that it’s already illegal for aliens to vote in federal elections.

While it’s true that non-citizens might not vote in federal elections, this state constitutional modification is not any gimmick. There is a definite distinction of sensible significance within the one-word change, though even when it had been solely of symbolic significance, one nonetheless would possibly assume the initiative value supporting.

The distinction is that, at current, the Florida structure doesn’t, in actual fact, prohibit aliens from voting in state or native elections. According to Ballotpedia, solely two states expressly accomplish that. If this modification had been to move, Florida would develop into the third. That would render it unimaginable for state legislators or, for that matter, political subdivisions of the state on the county or metropolis degree, to enact or change legal guidelines so as to permit aliens — quite possibly including illegal aliens — to vote in any state or native election, and as an outgrowth of that, to run for workplace, whether or not as county councilor or fireplace district commissioner or property appraiser, or some other elected place.

A gimmick it’s not.


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