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Peloton Seeks To Invalidate ‘Spinning’ Trademark Held By Trademark Bully


Back in 2010, we mentioned that the at-the-time “spin class” craze within the health world was encountering the truth that one firm, Mad Dogg Athletics, held a trademark on the time period “spinning” to be used within the health business. Mad Dogg had taken to going around the globe and threatening anybody else utilizing the time period with trademark infringement in consequence. And, to be clear, that they had numerous targets for these threats, which factored into the argument that time period was now generic and hadn’t been correctly enforced as a trademark for years.

Since 2010, the spin class craze has morphed out of the brick and mortar fitness center and into residence health, with the present fad being app-driven residence stationary spin bikes. The chief in that area is, after all, Peloton. Mad Dogg sued Peloton for trademark infringement final 12 months over patents it holds for core options of its bikes. In what could also be one thing of a clap again in that dispute, nonetheless, Peloton has now petitioned to have Mad Dogg’s “spinning” trademark canceled fully.

Peloton claimed that rival health firm Mad Dogg Athletics is “abusively enforcing” its trademark rights of ‘Spinning’ and ‘Spin’ throughout the indoor biking business in a petition filed to the US Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (USPTO) yesterday.

The petition argued that the phrases are generic and that Mad Dogg’s attorneys have been ceaseless of their marketing campaign to chase down infringers. It additionally cites John Baudhuin, co-founder of Mad Dogg, admitting to spending “hundreds of thousands of dollars a year” on litigation.

This is Peloton calling out the sport, which may be very helpful. Rather than focusing totally on the enterprise of promoting spin bikes, Mad Dogg as an alternative appears to be targeted on policing its trademark. The argument that the time period “spinning” has turn out to be generic is barely bolstered by the excessive quantity of victims of Mad Dogg’s bullying. In addition, it will be fascinating to see Mad Dogg try to give you any proof that the broader public at present associates the time period with its merchandise, as a result of that seems like it will be a stretch to say the least.

Peloton’s petition calls out the extremes to which Mad Dogg has gone in its bullying.

“Enough is enough. It is time to put a stop to Mad Dogg’s tactic of profiting by threatening competitors, marketplaces and even journalists with enforcement of generic trademarks.”

Imagine the moment good the USPTO might do just by invalidating a trademark for what has turn out to be a generic time period within the health business.

Peloton Seeks To Invalidate ‘Spinning’ Trademark Held By Trademark Bully

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