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Responsibility of Media in Democracy




It is the communication channel by which we are likely to movement into information, music, motion pictures, formal training, promotional messages and different knowledge. It consists of physical and on-line newspapers, magazines, televisions, radios, billboards, phone and likewise the net.


 A democratic society is the one which is ruled of the folks, for the folks and by    the folks and which offers equal likelihood to all of the residents to take part and play a significant function within the strategy of democracy.

So, a democratic media is the idea that the media must be organised on democratic traces somewhat than strict industrial traces with the purpose of transparency, inclusiveness, one person-one-vote and different key ideas of democracy. With its huge spiritual, ethnic and linguistic range, India offers an distinctive instance of a vibrant democracy with a composite political panorama. Basically, there are three foremost types of media Print Media (Newspapers, Magazines), Broadcast Media (TV, Radio), Outdoor or Out of Home (OOH) Media, Internet (Social Media).


Media acts as a bridge between the people and the federal government and likewise an especially strong instrument with the flexibility to make and break the opinion of the person. Democracy can’t obtain success with out free press. It’s very important, as it’s the voice of the people nevertheless media shall fall as a sufferer to some financial or every other temptations, and shall persist with serving people truthfully. Media constituted because the fourth pillar of democracy. It performs a necessary function in shaping human minds. It makes the citizen or the folks at massive privy to each day actions in politics, sports activities, financial, social and cultural fields. It conjointly exhibits the clean fact and likewise the cruel information by performing as a mirror. However, it performs an necessary function in shaping most people minds and conjointly the democracy. It is known as the spine of democracy as a result of it empowers the people by data additionally media arranges debates on present affairs and contradicting insurance policies in order that totally totally different views could also be listed.

Power of speech is euphoria to an individual. Freedom of speech and expression has been affirmed as a particular proper of the democratic society. Under Article 19 (1) (a) the liberty of press has been included underneath the Constitution of India. It’s not particularly talked about however it’s mandatory because the press and a person or citizen was identical so far as their proper of expression was involved. Though the press and media benefit from the freedom in expressing their views, these freedoms aren’t absolute and are topic to constrained restrictions. The Supreme Court in Romesh Thappar v. State of Madras, held on this case, entry and circulation of the English journal “Cross Road”, printed and revealed in Bombay, was banned by the Government of Madras. The identical was held to be violative of the liberty of speech and expression, as “without liberty of circulation, publication would be of little value”.

In Union of India v/s Association for Democratic Reforms, the Court held that, Freedom of speech and expression consists of proper to impart and obtain data which contains freedom to hold opinion.

Sakal Papers v/s Union of India, the Daily Newspapers (Price and Page) Order, and 1960 that mounted the amount of pages and measurement {that a} newspaper would possibly publish at a worth was held to be offending of freedom of press and never an inexpensive restriction underneath the Article 19(2).


The press and different folks linked up with media owe the next accountability in the direction of the society and so the folks of this nation. In the modified situation, after we face a number of challenges with equipment and due to this fact the people at massive are wanted to face the challenges of globalization and global developments, the press, administrative equipment and the folks at massive are required to face the challenges with ample sincerity. Thus easy functioning of democratic methodology, watchful eyes of the legislature is essential and on the someday the general public opinion and the freedom of the press must be safeguarded after all underneath the Constitutional boundaries and permissible limits. In a democratic nation like India the media has following duties:

i.                    To equip the people with unbiased knowledge. Media shall not taint the information; they shall current them as they’re.

ii.                  To play important function in broadening the pondering of the people, by empowering them with information. In a rustic like India what place there’s important fee of illiteracy, it’s the responsibility of media to impart information and broaden their views.

iii.                 To pretty criticize any motion it, is towards the spirit of justice or foundation of democracy.

iv.                To suggest the idea practices and play an important function in initiating the right process towards the societies who’re accused of any delinquent actions, regardless of any political connection.

v.                  To foster the spirit of unity and brotherhood among the many people, and set up perception in democracy and justice. If the media adheres strictly to its duties then the democracy will likely be loved in true sense by the civilians of India.



The energy and significance of media in democratic society is world illustrious. The media works as a watchdog of the federal government and carry every report of the actions of administration thereby retaining the people acquainted regarding of the each day happenings which might be taking place round them. For applicable functioning of a democratic system, there ought to be transparency and authority. Democracy can’t be profitable with out free press. Free press is indivisible a part of democracy additionally as a result of it’s the voice of the folks. Freedom of speech and expression is one such proper that the residents are entitled to. Media is the sword arm of democracy, it’s taking part in very important function in Indian democracy. Every particular person is a medium of expression. Media performs very emphatic function in awakening folks towards many evils prevailing within the society like youngster marriage, killing of feminine unborn youngster, the evil follow of kid labour and many others. Modern media i.e. digital media has enhanced the standard of democratic course of by offering a platform for public participation on problems with nationwide or social concern in a way that is ready to affect the Government.


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