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Self Paced Online Certificate Course on ‘Negotiation: Skills and Techniques’ by Lawctopus Law School’; Access for 1 year; Register by Mar 20!


Lawctopus Law School is offering an Online Self Paced Certificate Course on Negotiation: Skills and Techniques, to teach you the mindset, skills, and techniques one requires to be a good negotiator.

About the Course

What is Negotiation?

In our everyday personal and professional lives, we witness different kinds of disputes. During those times, the absence of any resolution can cause substantial, and avoidable financial, emotional, time-related costs on all parties.

How does one resolve these issues? Sometimes, it is as simple as communicating what we want and can do, clearly.

This is precisely what negotiation is. It aims to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion for all the parties involved.

However, using negotiation is not limited to merely resolving disputes. It is an essential practice of our daily lives.

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Why should you learn to negotiate?

Be it bargaining for a better price for clothes at a shop, or getting a salesman to throw in free maintenance while purchasing a new refrigerator, or trying to get a higher salary at a new company you’re joining – negotiation is everywhere!

From a simple conversation with friends, family, or service providers, to drafting any agreement, or commercial contract – there are conflicting interests between people everywhere. These conflicts can result in significant financial, emotional, and time-related losses, for everyone involved.

Beyond being helpful in such conflict-filled situations, negotiation is also a powerful tool that helps in getting the best bargain for anything, obtaining a better salary, building stronger relationships – personal or professional, getting ahead in the workplace, creating value in contracts. Negotiation also assumes significance in international affairs, politics, and crime scene situations!

Which is why it is important to know how to negotiate well.

Further, in a corporate setting, negotiation is an essential skill for being a successful commercial lawyer. 

A lawyer with strong negotiation skills can turn around a loss into a beneficial compromise. The various challenges in the commercial world faced by your clients during a transaction can be resolved using negotiation skills.

You can save time, resources, effort, and arrive at a mutually agreeable, as well as beneficial outcome, for everyone!

CHECK OUT Lawctopus Law School’s Course on Negotiation!

Our online certificate course on ‘Negotiation: Skills and Techniques’ will introduce you to the concept, as well as the essentials of effective negotiation. It will teach you the mindset, skills, and techniques one requires to be a good negotiator. Additionally, you will learn about the negotiation of commercial contracts. These lessons will help you understand and navigate negotiations in the future.

To add the cherry on the cake, the course will also share some tips to ace negotiation, in competitions, as well as in real life.

This course is a good mix of rigorously researched reading modules, interesting recorded lectures by leading industry experts, and useful assignments (with individual, personalized feedback).

Most importantly, our course will be delivered with utmost warmth and care!

Designed for students, young professionals, people having legal backgrounds, and anyone interested in learning negotiation, this intensive course will ensure that you know everything there is to know about this exciting skill.

At the end of this course, our aim is that our learners become quite well-versed with this skill so that they can negotiate better in their daily lives, job interviews, contract negotiations, competitions, and so on!

About Lawctopus Law School

Conceptualized and kick-started in May 2019, and formally launched in March 2020, Lawctopus Law School has taught a wide range of practical skills to over 9000+ law students, young lawyers, professionals, academicians, and business people in the last 18 months.

Over 2000 students have rated our courses and the average rating is 92.6/100 call our online courses a ‘warm’ learning experience!

At LLS, our courses are developed by subject matter experts (practitioners and academicians) and these courses are a mix of rigorously researched reading modules, recorded lectures by industry experts, weekly live sessions by experts, assignments (with personalized feedback), special, add-on career webinars, and the now famous ‘warmth and care’ of LLS.

In fact, our courses on Legal Research and Writing, Contract Drafting and Negotiation, Litigation Basics, IPR (with separate modules too for Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents), Applying for LLM Abroad, Legal Notice Drafting, Contract Life Cycle Management, Mooting, and test prep mocks have transformed how people look at legal education and online legal education.

Structure of this Course

A brief overview of the course structure is given as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to Negotiation

This module introduces you to the concept of negotiation, real-life examples or illustrations involving its use, and its importance.

Module 2: Essentials of an Effective Negotiation

This module discusses the essential elements or features of effective negotiation, the various styles or approaches to it, as well as the possible outcomes of any negotiation.

Module 3: Mindset, Skills, Techniques Required for being an Effective Negotiator

This module discusses how to identify one’s role as a negotiator in any negotiation, the stages of any effective negotiation, the mindset, skills required to be a good negotiator, and some really interesting, unique negotiation techniques.

Module 4: Negotiation of Commercial Contracts

This module delves into the relevance of negotiation in commercial contracts, some tips for effective negotiation of the same, and some sample common phrases that can be used in any negotiation. This module also discusses possible situations that may arise during contract negotiations, and how to handle them

Module 5: Bonus Resources

This module comprises interesting resources such as – FAQs on Negotiation, How to Ace Negotiations – Tips for Competitions and Real Life, as well as a video recording of a mock contract negotiation.

COMPULSORY ASSIGNMENT: A practical, subjective test to assess your negotiation Skills. Submitting this assignment is mandatory to receive certificates!

How will this Course help you?

  • Give you a strong foundational knowledge of what is Negotiation
  • You will learn the micro-skills and techniques of Negotiation
  • Learn about the psychology of Corporate Negotiations
  • Learn how to become an ace Negotiator
  • Learn how to start careers in Corporate Houses as a Professional Negotiator

Who can enrol for this course?

  • Undergraduate, postgraduate, and advanced students of law
  • Young and experienced lawyers (both litigators and those working in law firms)
  • Individuals looking to work in the field of access to justice
  • Academicians looking to enhance their knowledge of Negotiation
  • Individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals with interest in Negotiation

Course Fee

INR 2500 (inclusive of GST)

Duration and Mode of learning

  • Completely online and self-paced
  • Recorded video lectures and sessions
  • Text-based modules and reading resources
  • Compulsory strategy-paper assignment
  • Online-based, faculty-monitored discussion forum for doubts

Assignment and Certificate

  • You will get a certificate issued by Lawctopus Law School after the completion of the course, i.e. after submission of the assignment and successfully passing the same (Instructions to submit the assignment are given in the assignment doc itself).
  • Once you submit the assignment, the faculty will evaluate it and revert within 2 weeks
  • Only if you receive an orange, green, or yellow grade, you will receive the certificate. If you receive a red grade in your assignment, we will give you one more opportunity to improve your grade
  • If you grade improves, you will receive the completion certificate!
  • Completion certificates will be given within 7 days of release of grades

Course Duration and Access

You’ll have access to this course for 12 months from the date of registration.

And while you can complete this course at your own pace, we recommend that you completed this course within 4 weeks.

Giving ourselves a fixed timeframe to complete things increases

Sounds exciting?

Register for Lawctopus’ Course on Negotiation by clicking here!

Faculty and Research Team

Shreyangshi Gupta

Shreyangshi Gupta graduated from the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, in 2019. She is an ADR-ODR International Accredited Civil-Commercial Mediator.

Her team was adjudged the ‘Winner’ at the 12th NLS NMC ’19, Bengaluru, and the ‘Top 28’ at the 22nd International Negotiation Competition ’19, Tokyo. She has also judged various ADR competitions organized by law schools such as GLC, Mumbai, MNLU, Mumbai, NLSIU, Bengaluru, and WBNUJS, Kolkata.

Since graduation, she has worked with law firms, including Trilegal (Dispute Resolution Team), and AQUILAW (Corporate Team). She has also worked as a freelance legal consultant for software companies, as well as international private equity and venture capital firms.

Presently, she is pursuing her passion for writing, editing, and legal ed-tech, as a Content Developer and Learning Manager at Lawctopus Law School.

Shreyangshi is the lead researcher, developer, and recorded class faculty for this course.

Akanksha Mishra

Akanksha Mishra is an independent litigator, practicing at the Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench. She handles a variety of matters in the field of real estate, arbitration, and commercial litigation.

Akanksha has also been the Corporate Counsel for PSUs and Startup Companies where she has worked on diverse facets of legal transactions including drafting of Agreements, conducting Due Diligence, etc. She is also the president of an NGO working for the transformation of Government Schools.

Presently, Akanksha is associated with Lawctopus Law School and is passionate about teaching.

Akanksha has reviewed the reading modules and is the primary Learning Manager for this course.

Sanjit Ganguli

Sanjit Ganguli graduated from Symbiosis Law School, Pune in 2018, and has worked at the Corporate Legal Group with ICICI Bank since.

Therein, Sanjit regularly negotiates commercial contracts inter-alia within the domains of syndicated lending, off-shore structure finance contracts, project finance, debt capital markets, along with various alliance and service agreements.

Sanjit is the faculty for the recorded lecture of the course.

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