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Sensing the Sound of Silence – A Poem – Lawctopus



No one is aware of what’s veritable silence,
Even many dread in utter quiet;
Clamor, Rush and din! is that this renascence?
Everybody is locked in a dogfight.

Stop, attempt to hear serene soul’s sound,
Resonance of breaths, rhythmic beats of heart;
What do they connote, Have you ever discovered?
Try to decipher, don’t go aside.

Look inside your heart, don’t stretch thoughts’s wings,
Tuition of perception it’s a must to keep track of;
In the silence, neglect the worldly issues
You would notice explanation for your sorrow.

If it’s a must to style serene soul’s nectar,
Instinct in silence paints distinct image…

The poem emphasizes on the facility of silence in a world stuffed with noise. We spend lots of time on the lookout for happiness amidst the rat race of our life and our hearts and minds are so stuffed with noise and commotion that we are able to’t all the time hear the decision of life. This sonnet makes an attempt to delineate us learn how to stay mindfully so that each one the interior chaos ceases and we relish the eloquent sound of silence.

(The Poem written by Mr. Masoom Reza, a 4th yr legislation pupil at Jamia Millia Islamia, who will be reached out to here).


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