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Study Plan for CLAT 2024[Full Preparation Strategy]

Study Plan for CLAT 2024[Full Preparation Strategy]

CLAT is undoubtedly one of the most competitive examinations being held in India right now. It gives students access to top National Law Universities and therefore, the rate of competition is extremely high.

CLAT 2024 is tentatively scheduled for December 2023 and all serious aspirants have already begun their preparation to make a place for their names on the merit list. If you’re an absolute beginner, please refer to this post to start from scratch.

Read this article to find out how to make a study plan to prepare for CLAT 2024

Before we begin…

Resources for CLAT 2024: Here is a post detailing all the books you can opt for while preparing for CLAT. 

Other than this, CLATalogue also has various series of posts on Contract Law, Law of Tort etc. to help you prepare for the Legal Reasoning Section.

Study Plan for CLAT 2024

What does a full one year preparation strategy look like for an ideal candidate? Remember, a study plan has to be inclusive of all subjects while giving more focus on areas you’re weaker in. It has to be sustainable in the long run and flexible enough for the aspirant to be able to prepare for both CLAT and board exams at the same time.

Section Duration
Current Affairs 45 mins
English 30 mins
Quantitative Techniques 30 mins
Logical Reasoning 30 mins
Legal Reasoning 45 mins

Once you’re done with a topic or need to practice, go through sample questions for subjects like English, Logical Reasoning and Legal Reasoning etc. to get an edge over other aspirants.

After a couple of months, say around the 4th or 5th month, you can start practicing for CLAT 2024 with our free mocks and then analyze your preparation and subsequently work more on areas where you’re lacking.

Important Points to remember while preparing for CLAT 2024

  • There is an increased emphasis on reading-comprehension speed. Read newspapers everyday to stay in touch with new events as well as improve your reading speed.
  • To improve your inference and analysis skills, try to test yourself everyday.
  • Go through editorials and ponder over the opinions presented in each article.
  • Legal Reasoning can be solved by conceptual clarity about basic provisions of law. Try to read more about laws in news.
  • Do not be exhilarated or dejected by your mock scores. Keep your calm in all scenarios and work towards your goals!

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