Monday, September 26, 2022
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The Anxiety Of The Blinking Cursor – Above the Law

Like many others, when I face a blank page with the cursor blinking, I become anxious. What am I going to write about? Everyone...

California Selling, Opining, And Bragging – Above the Law

Thomas Girardi One of my ATL editors says that Tom Girardi stories are gifts that keep on giving. Here’s another “gift”: The bankruptcy court has...

How About A Bench Hug? – Above the Law

ATL doesn’t hesitate to call out benchslaps, that is, when a court disses counsel for some faux pas that really irritates the judge and...

It’s Your Turn To Lead – Above the Law

You kids (and I mean the millennials and Gen Zers) may not recognize the name David Gergen, but he’s been around for a very...

Déjà Vu All Over Again

For years, i've thought that the State Bar of California has been just like the gang who couldn’t shoot straight, or worse, practiced “ready,...

Burnout Or Boreout? Which Is Worse?

We all find out about, and many people have skilled, burnout. It’s on the rise this yr, and never unexpectedly, as a result of...

What’s Next in 2021? My Crystal Ball Is In The Shop

Above The Law has been rife with information about salaries and bonuses in Biglaw not too long ago, because the companies race to reward...

Playground Or Courtroom?

As a lawyer and now a mediator for some years, i've at all times thought that some legal professionals in litigation are nothing greater...

What Century Is This?

For so a few years, I checked out pictures in CLE program brochures and puzzled why all of the loudspeakers had been white males...

Should Lawyers And Judges Have Emotional Intelligence Coaches?

(Image by way of Getty) Repeatedly, I'm amused, bemused, and simply plain gob-smacked at lawyer and choose antics. I'm by no means bored studying them...