Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Morning Docket: 03.29.23 – Above the Law

* Idaho planning to criminalize interstate travel to procure legal services in another state. If only the Constitution said something about states fully and...

Morning Docket: 03.27.23 – Above the Law

* "This is our third major financial crisis," said Sullivan's Mitchell Eitel describing his experience weathering the legal fallout of economic troubles. Remember the...

Morning Docket: 03.24.23 – Above the Law

* NY courts get another bomb threat amid Trump probe. * And this goes a long way in explaining why the jury in the...

Morning Docket: 03.23.23 – Above the Law

* SCOTUS digs into parody Jack Daniel's dog toy, "Bad Spaniel's." Personally, I'm a Barker's Bark man. * Johnson and Johnson also ask Supreme...

Morning Docket: 03.21.23 – Above the Law

(Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images) * NYC is prepared for protests surrounding Trump indictment. Precaution is always good, but most of his supporters inclined to...

Morning Docket: 03.20.23 – Above the Law

* What say the Constitution about "True Threats"? I promise this isn't a spinoff show about vampires and faeries. * The folks at Volokh...

Morning Docket: 03.17.23 – Above the Law

* I love some good parody and a good whiskey. What will SCOTUS think of a parody of whiskey? * Take my food and...

Morning Docket: 03.15.23 – Above the Law

* Justice Ketanji has stood out for her questions. Her decisions have fallen in line with the others thus far. * A Texas judge...

Morning Docket: 03.13.23 – Above the Law

* Some lawyers out there are getting paid for putting together the most financially significant $1.20 deal ever. * Barney Frank, whose nameesake regulations...

Morning Docket: 03.10.23 – Above the Law

(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty) * NY prosecutors signal that Donald Trump is about to be indicted. It’s probably a misdemeanor for falsifying records to bribe...