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Team Kraken Joins Team Insurrection. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


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Even unhealthy persons are entitled to competent counsel. And the January 6 rioters are actually unhealthy individuals.

Unless you hearken to former Trump marketing campaign supervisor Steve Bannon’s podcast, by which case these are political prisoners being tortured by an overweening FBI which has launched a wave of terror towards courageous patriots.

“This FBI is unleashing a terror campaign across this country. Every single field office, 56 field offices, are involved in this,” intoned “American Greatness” columnist Julie Kelly final week, shaken to her bones on the injustice of so many white Americans being arrested of their houses and positioned in administrative segregation for their very own security pending trial.

“Basically Michael Sherwin said ‘we are going to take misdemeanor cases and we’re going to build them into sedition cases,” mentioned the “self-appointed fact checker of the Left.”

“Now here we are more than six months past that. There aren’t any sedition cases, but it doesn’t matter,” Kelly continued. “Because what they’re doing is, they are taking misdemeanor cases, they’re adding a felony called obstruction of an official proceeding onto about 200 cases. That is the felony that they’re using to force these people into plea arrangements, so these people will be convicted felons.”

Yes, sure, we’re all weeping salty tears for individuals who actually fucked round and tried to impede an official continuing and at the moment are discovering out that that DOJ doesn’t play good. But dry your eyes, children, as a result of assistance is on the best way!

According to somebody named “Cynthia,” a “family advocate” for the households of the detained January 6 insurrectionists.

“These men have very bad attorneys, very biased attorneys,” “Cynthia” advised Bannon. “We’re trying to put together a legal defense fund. There was a big meeting yesterday with Defending the Republic and Sidney Powell.”

The Kraken lives!

“A bunch of lawyers are going to get together, there’s going to be a massive filing this week,” Cynthia continued, seemingly oblivious of what occurred the final time Team Kraken dropped a massive filing on quick discover.

According to Cynthia, Sidney Powell is completely “on board.” And that is, uhhh, nice information.

“She is really, really, really going to get behind this. We have a ton of lawyers that are going to step up and do some filings pro bono. And we need more,” she mentioned, directing listeners to ship money to Powell’s non-profit Defending the Republic, which is at present under investigation in Florida for diverting funds for Powell’s private use.

Nutty conservative website Gateway Pundit describes the caller as “Attorney Cynthia Hughes,” however says that Powell is barely much less “on board” than reported.

Radio host Pete Santilli has been steadfastly working behind the scenes for these unjustly imprisoned patriots. Pete was put on this actual scenario years in the past with the identical corrupt DOJ, FBI, CIA and authorities officers. Initially, Pete mentioned Sidney declined, as she is so busy with the election/voter fraud instances. Eventually, she acquiesced, and Pete simply made the announcement final evening on his show.

Powell will probably be working WITH different but unnamed high-powered attorneys who’ve additionally agreed to step in. She is NOT representing anybody….need to make that clear.

Pete Santilli pled guilty in 2016 to felony conspiracy to injure or impede a federal officer in connection together with his position within the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

And with Pete, Cynthia, Steve and Sid of their corner, these insurrectionists ought to have all the assistance they want. Good luck, fellas!

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Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore what place she writes about legislation and politics.


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