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The Lawyer’s Guide To A Comprehensive Open Source Compliance Program – Above the Law


Today, nearly every company that builds applications uses open source software — and the majority of organizations use significant amounts of it.

Although the explosive growth of open source has yielded numerous benefits (including cost savings and faster time to market), it’s also led to increased scrutiny of OSS license compliance (e.g., the ongoing matter of SFC v. Vizio). As a result, organizations without comprehensive compliance programs may face exposure to the legal, reputational, and financial risks that can come with non-compliance.

But while the license compliance field is still evolving, there are certain proven processes, tools, and workflows that can help organizations successfully manage compliance-related risk.

Join IP attorney Kate Downing, a leading expert in open source license compliance, on Nov. 16 at 12 p.m. ET to uncover the key ingredients of a comprehensive, effective, and efficient compliance program.

Kate will offer practical guidance on areas like:

  • Implementing license/legal review processes that don’t create a bottleneck for engineering
  • Creating attribution files for distributed products
  • Preparing source code files (for compliance with copyleft licenses)
  • Leveraging code scanning software
  • Bringing these tools and processes together into a scalable, efficient, and effective program

If you are not able to join at that time, please register now and a replay will be made available on demand.



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