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The Sordid Tale of Tariq Ramadan – Law & Liberty


There are some individuals whom one recognises without delay as frauds or impostors, not as a deduction from their conduct or phrases, however from their method or as a result of they emanate bogusness as different individuals emanate menace. Among these is Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founding father of the Moslem Brotherhood, whom I encountered within the flesh solely as soon as and instantly noticed because the Islamist model of Jimmy Swaggart, although this was nonetheless some years earlier than the latter’s downfall. I discovered it troublesome to grasp how anyone might miss this high quality of fakery in him, although many did.

He precipitated an uproar in 2004, when the United States denied his visa request out of concern that he espoused an Islamist ideology and had offered thing help to terrorist organizations, together with Hamas. Later, funded by Qatari cash, he was appointed a professor on the fathomlessly corrupt University of Oxford, which, like most British universities, would settle for cash from any supply on any situation no matter, offered solely that it was sufficient. Nothing i’ve learn of Ramadan’s suggests any tutorial distinction. Among his works is a commentary, revealed in 2002, on the fatwas (authorized advisories) of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, whose president was Yusuf Al-Qardawi of ill-fame, and which mentioned such important questions as whether or not it’s allowable for a lady to chop her hair with out the permission of her husband (to which the reply seems to be that it’s, offered that it’s by so little that her husband doesn’t discover it).

I can not, then, be suspected of prejudice in Ramadan’s favour, and after I heard that he had been arrested in France, I confess to having skilled an unworthy frisson of enjoyment. Like the white males of cowboy and Indian movies, Ramadan at all times spoke with forked tongue, saying one factor to at least one viewers and one other to a different. Now he was revealed as a severe legal as well as a harmful fraud.

However, the extra I learn of the rape prices in opposition to him the extra uneasy I turned. The first reason behind unease was that I ought to be capable of learn any particulars of the allegations in opposition to him in any respect. Since different accusers quickly got here ahead, the detailed publicity given to their allegations might have allowed them to co-ordinate their proof in a de facto conspiracy in opposition to him, or alternatively destroy the worth of their testament as mutual corroboration (if he had been responsible as they alleged). It shocked me that the advocates for the accused and people for the accusers performed a form of press and media marketing campaign on behalf of their respective purchasers, such that it will now be troublesome for him to obtain a good trial.

i’ve learn three books that take care of the case (which has nonetheless not been tried), together with the one written by Ramadan himself, and it appeared to me that nothing in them proved that he was responsible of any crime—or harmless both, however it’s his guilt which must be proved.

Ramadan’s modus operandi seems to have been as follows: as an Islamist famous person (he has the appears of Rudolf Valentino in center age), he would give a chat in a lodge in a single metropolis or one other what place he could be approached earlier than or afterwards by a girl looking for “spiritual” recommendation. He invited them into his room what place he both had consensual sex with them or raped them.

The gulf between his preaching and his follow was too yawning to be ignored. But because of the way during which he has been treated by the French legal justice system, he has an opportunity to rehabilitate himself as a sufferer within the eyes of the gullible.

It has been proved past doubt that Ramadan is a liar and a hypocrite so egregious that he makes Tartuffe look like Pascal or Spinoza in his probity. He is a sexual obsessive: the police discovered 700 pornographic footage on his pc and he despatched many obscene messages to his victims or his alleged victims. He defined his preliminary denial of any sexual relations along with his accusers by his need to guard his spouse and household unit. I don’t assume it’s stunning that he denied such relations whereas there was nonetheless a hope that they had been unprovable; he subsequently acknowledged them solely once they turned plain.

The allegations, as is commonly the case, weren’t made when there may need subsisted indicators of violence practised on the accusers. On the opposite, what was fairly clear was that they continued to see him lengthy after the preliminary rape, making preparations to fulfill him once more. One of them wrote an e-mail to Ramadan the day following his alleged rape of her that “she missed his skin.” Another, with whom he had solely a single encounter, despatched him dozens of sexually-laden e-mails.

One of probably the most well-known forensic psychiatrists in France, Dr. Daniel Zagury, was requested to look at the accusers with a view to expressing his opinion of the explanatory notion that Ramadan had a “hold” over the ladies, an idea that doesn’t seem within the French authorized code, however that may discuss their continued contact with him, both in individual or electronically. Dr. Zagury outlined this supposed “hold” (emprise in French) over the ladies as follows:

A maintain consists of a bunch of mechanisms and processes which allows one thoughts to exert whole energy over one other thoughts, to its sole profit with out regard to the actual needs of the opposite.
Dr. Zagury supported the declare that Ramadan had such a maintain over his accusers.

That this psychiatric report was made obtainable not simply to the courtroom, however to the newspapers as quickly because it was delivered, appears a horrible indictment of the French justice system. I spoke to a French choose about it and he advised me that what had occurred was utterly unlawful, but additionally utterly regular. Policemen and others within the system derive an revenue from promoting supposedly confidential paperwork to the press, and although advocates will not be supposed to debate the instances of their purchasers in public, they now accomplish that routinely and with impunity. No one has any will or need to implement the principles.

The train of thought of a “hold” over the ladies that made them ship Ramadan messages or return to his violent embraces, on some events making a substantial effort to take action, is a double-edged sword, to say the least (even when it had been legitimate). It would ascribe to Ramadan Svengali-like powers and would imply that the accusers had been became near-automata and weren’t subsequently answerable for their actions. This definitely demeans them.

The argument was all nonsense, after all, however on its foundation, Ramadan, who suffers from a number of sclerosis, was held in jail on remand for 10 months earlier than being let go. It will most likely be 5 years from the time of the accusations to the time of the decision. This is an injustice in itself.

The accusations in opposition to Ramadan did a sign service in revealing him to be a hypocrite of probably the most grotesque and repellent type, and will have destroyed his repute as soon as and for all. The gulf between his preaching and his follow was too yawning to be ignored. But because of the way during which he has been treated by the French legal justice system, he has an opportunity to rehabilitate himself as a sufferer within the eyes of the gullible—martyrised due to his race and faith.


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