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Trace Evidence in Forensic Science



In a felony investigation, proof seems earlier than the investigating companies and courts in numerous varieties. The success and failure of a case investigator are primarily based on the flexibility to acknowledge, gather and use proof within the investigation. Evidence might be current within the crime scene in lots of varieties. It might be testimonial proof or physical proof. Physical proof is any thing or object which is current on the crime scene irrespective of whether or not it’s microscopic or macroscopic. So the number of physical proof which may be encountered on the scene of against the law is infinite. It can vary from as giant as constructing to as small as a hair strand, DNA, mud, and many others. The physical proof which is small in dimension or microscopic is named hint proof.  So, hint proof is a time period that encompasses all small items of fabric which might be collected from crime scenes and assists within the investigation of those incidents.[1,2] Trace proof is also referred to as “Silent Witness” as a result of it has the potential to inform what truly was occurred and who has been intertwined.[3] Typically, hint proof contains hair, fibre, bloodstains, paint, glass items, mud, pores and skin, feathers, bugs, physique fluids, gunshot residue, and many others. As this proof is microscopic in nature it may be simply transferred between objects and individual and thus they’ve particular significance within the felony investigation. [4] It can be utilized to analyze each sort of crime from a terrorist assault to theft. 

The key behind the existence of hint proof is Locard’s precept of alternate which is the idea for all forensic science as we all know it right this moment. Sir Edmond Locard stated that “It is inconceivable for a felony to behave, particularly contemplating the forcefulness of against the law, with out leaving traces of this presence. [5] In the opposite phrases, Locard believed that each time two objects come into contact with each other, there may be all the time a switch of fabric throughout the contact boundaries. Further the Paul Kirk added to that no felony can perpetrate against the law with out leaving proof behind or taking proof away. Small objects like pollens, plant thing, soil, mud or different microscopic particles could also be left by the individual or picked up from contact with the atmosphere or one other particular person. Therefore it’s fairly inconceivable to return involved with the atmosphere with out leaving traces to it. If this hint proof is correctly situated, recovered, preserved and submitted for examination, they will present a invaluable data investigation of the incident which permits to link between the crime scene, suspect and sufferer.[1] 

Significance of Trace Evidence: 

Although the hint proof is small in dimension it has nice significance performs in crime scene investigation due to the next causes: 

  • As hint proof is small in dimension, they typically stay unnoticed by the wrongdoer and the opposite individual current on the crime scene. So there may be extra probability that this proof stays undestroyed and undisturbed on the crime scene.
  • Also, they’re exchanged virtually in all sorts of crimes. 
  • Trace proof might be recognized and matched with the attainable supply of their origin with much accuracy like another clue thing. 
  • It helps to reconstruct a sequence of occasion, to find out the modus operandi and likewise the place of incidence of crime. 
  • It might present details about the suspects and may link a suspect with the incident. 

How Trace proof is fashioned: 

Trace proof is fashioned when a small piece of fabric breaks or detaches from one floor and transfers to a different floor throughout physical contact. The quantity of fabric that transfers from one floor to a different could be upon: 

  • Properties of each the surfaces and the shed capacity of fabric. 
  • The quantity of pressure utilized its period and floor space of the physical contact. 
  • The dimension and properties of the transferred supplies. 
  • The time elapsed, post-transfer actions of culprits and victims. 
  •  Condition of transferred supplies after the switch.[6] 

Types of Trace Evidence: 

Trace proof entails all the kind of chemical, physical, and organic entities with their small dimension or quantity. They might be natural, inorganic substances, plant supplies or animal and sub-life supplies. Although sorts of supplies that is likely to be discovered on the crime scene are used as hint proof are practically limitless, hairs, fibres, plant supplies, paint, glass, GSR, blood stains and soil are the commonest sorts analysed within the laboratory. However, the character and composition of proof might differ from one case to a different case.

Hairs are helpful as hint proof as they originate immediately from the physique and are related to the sufferer, witness or suspects. Hair samples can present important data by evaluating the questioned hair samples discovered on the crime scene with identified samples collected later from animals or individuals suspected of leaving the hair. It additionally helps within the individualization of an individual if hair roots can be found.[7,1] Like different hint proof, fibres are helpful within the investigation course of because the origin of fibres might be recognized. Fibres are thread-like parts from material or textile supplies. Fibre proof might be thought of as circumstantial proof and strengthen any extra circumstantial or strong proof towards a wrongdoer.[8] 

All kinds of plant thing might show to be a helpful supply of hint proof. Plant supplies reminiscent of wood, bark, flowers, petals, leaves, seeds, plant hair, fibres, sawdust, and many others. might point out particular location and time. It additionally exhibits when and what place an individual has been shifting out. Since these supplies are mild in weight they simply get transferred on clothes, footwear, weapons, and autos intertwined. Like plant thing soil is normally related to many of the crimes involving outside actions, however typically might also be discovered within the indoor crime scene. Soil might link the wrongdoer, the sufferer, the crime scene, the automobile, the weapon of offence and the opposite private objects intertwined within the crime scene. Sometimes, shoe prints, footprint and tyre marks might also carry the soil belonging to some particular space. This might assist in figuring out a particular location. 

Glass can be utilized to collect different hint proof, that’s for accumulating fingerprints or blood from a damaged window; nevertheless, glass itself falls within the of hint proof.[4] Broken glass fragments might be very small and is likely to be discovered on the roadside in hit and run case that will supply a clue that confirms the id of a suspected automobile or glass items could also be discovered on the material of an alleged assailant, what place a bottle is used as weapons. It has a bonus that they continue to be steady for an extended time and don’t degrade like organic proof. Glass fragments are ceaselessly encountered in crimes which concern accidents and burglaries. [9] 

GSR is okay particles that’s expelled from the firearm when a spherical of ammunition is discharged.[10] In a forensic investigation, evaluation of GSR revealed a variety of challenge from the identification of shooter to relating a bullet with a wound. It additionally helps in reconstructing against the law involving a firearm. [11] Paint proof is discovered within the majority of hit-and-run circumstances. Paint as a bit of proof might also be current in different sorts of crimes like housebreaking and murder circumstances.[12] A automobile typically leaves paint smear and chips upon impression and the housebreaking instruments can have paint smears from contact with the painted floor throughout burglaries.[13] So the evaluation of paint pattern can determine the automobile in accident circumstances, additionally present a lead in housebreaking circumstances. 

Collection of Trace Evidence: 

Various strategies are used for detection of hint proof. These strategies embrace basic visible searches, visible searches together with the several types of mild sources, reminiscent of indirect lighting and alternate mild sources (UV, laser, excessive forcefulness), and visible searches together with magnifying glass. Methods used for the restoration and assortment of hint proof are largely direct and least intrusive. Following are the gathering methods used for hint proof: 

  • Picking: Trace proof like hair, fibre might be picked up through the use of a clean forceps.
  • Lifting: In this methodology, an adhesive bearing substrate reminiscent of tape is used for the gathering of micro traces like mud, pollens, and many others. 
  • Scrapping: This methodology is used to gather traces like bloodstains, paint chips, and many others. A flat object reminiscent of clean spatula is used to dislodge traces from an object after which switch to accumulating floor. 
  • Vacuum Sweeping: In some circumstances, vacuum cleaner together with the filter lure is used to get better hint proof from an merchandise or space. 
  • Clipping: Trace proof current in fingernail might be recovered from clipping. Clean clippers or scissors are used to clip fingernails. 
  • Combing: Sometimes clean comb or brush is used to get better hint proof from the hair of a person.[14] 

Analysis of hint Evidence: 

Analysis of the hint is a difficult job due to small dimension and its amount. The evaluation of such sort of proof could be upon their nature and composition and varies from case to case. Varieties of analytical methods are utilized by a forensic analyst to look at, find, and classify hint proof, and additional to determine their predominant parts, and in the end examine these supplies to different proof samples to determine a typical supply. Trace proof examinations concern a mix of each microscopic and instrumental analyses to judge the properties of a given pattern totally and decide its significance to the crime.

  • Microscopy: Microscope is the commonest and vital approach to look at the hint proof many tiny particles can greatest be recognized primarily based on sure morphological options. Wood fibres, non-woody botanical fibres, lyocell fibres and rayon, and many others. all have practically the identical chemical composition, but it’s attainable to differentiate every of those group from each other and inside a gaggle to determine the person member on the idea of their microscopic traits. Amorphous or crystalline clear particle and artificial fibres reminiscent of glass minerals, numerous chemical crystals and medicines might be recognized when encountered as a single small particle, primarily based on their optical properties. Different sorts of microscopes are used for the evaluation of various traces. For instance, polarized mild microscopy is helpful for the identification of synthetic fibres; scanning electron microscope is able to analysing the gunshot residue primarily based on morphological and chemical composition. 
  • Chemical evaluation: It is a helpful approach that may be carried out within the strategy of inorganic or natural for the metallic particles. Mostly the gunshot residue is analysed through the use of a distinct chemical take a look at. 
  • X-ray spectroscopy: This methodology might be extraordinarily helpful for the basic evaluation of traces particularly within the paint, building thing, mud and filth. The elemental composition of a tiny particle might be obtained inside a second with the assistance of this method. By using this methodology each the inorganic and natural particles might be analysed with equal capacities. 
  • IR-Microspectroscopy: This methodology is helpful to find out the molecular composition of small particle which is inorganic in nature. Traces like artificial fibres, paint, drug and plastic and many others. might be analysed through the use of these methods. This approach consists of a Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectrophotometer connected to a reflecting microscope.[1] 


Trace proof encompasses something that may be touched, damaged, transferred,  shed and left behind throughout against the law if a bit of it, irrespective of how small, might be discovered through the investigation. Trace proof can be utilized to analyze any sort of crime. Trace proof performs an vital position within the investigation because it supplies an important link between the suspect, scene of crime and sufferer.  The worth of hint proof is determined by the situation of proof and what can study from its evaluation and the way it’s used within the investigation. 


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