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Use a Promissory Note To Give a Business Loan to Family or Friends


Many persons are profiting from the uncertainty attributable to the pandemic to get their dream enterprise off the bottom. While banks could also be desperate to lend cash, some new enterprise house owners wish to family and friends to assist them fund their new ventures.

Money can drive a wedge between family members, even once you suppose it may by no means be a problem in your state of affairs. If you’re contemplating lending cash to a pal or member of the family, it’s possible you’ll need to take steps to guard your monetary pursuits. One method you are able to do that’s to doc the loan phrases by means of a promissory note.

Making a loan to household unit or buddies?

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What are promissory notes used for?

A promissory notice is typically known as a “note payable.” It is a monetary instrument that units out loan phrases between two events. It will embody all circumstances of the loan, and every social gathering will signal the promissory notice to acknowledge that they perceive and comply with the phrases.

Common parts of a promissory notice are:

  • The loan quantity
  • Repayment phrases (akin to a lump sum or smaller funds over time)
  • Repayment deadlines
  • Interest charge

Promissory notes are additionally generally informally known as “IOUs” or just a “note.”

How do I make a promissory notice to loan cash to a pal or member of the family?

Promissory notes will be pretty easy. They can lay out that you’re loaning cash and once you count on that cash to be repaid. You also can get artistic with the promissory notice to make a compensation construction that works in your state of affairs.

Promissory Notes with Payment Plans

Some promissory notes will set out compensation quantities by a sure date. Others will initiate a compensation construction that includes periodic funds or different phrases. Below are just some examples.

  • Installment Payments. A promissory note with installment payments will set out a selected amount of cash that have to be paid periodically, akin to weekly, month-to-month, quarterly, or yearly. You and your pal or member of the family can work out any installment plan you want. Those installments typically proceed till the complete loan is paid in full.
  • Payable on Demand. A promissory note that is due on demand doesn’t have a selected due date, however you (because the lender) have the appropriate to demand compensation every-time you like. In many conditions, the lender will make the demand, and the borrower will make preparations to repay the debt inside a sure period of time. This kind of promissory notice is usually used between family and friends as a result of it permits lots of flexibility whereas additionally offering proof that that loan was made.
  • Balloon Payments. A balloon payment is a bigger cost that usually follows a sequence of installment funds. For instance, think about you loan a pal cash for a short while whereas they refinance their enterprise. You suppose they are going to refinance within the subsequent 12 months, so that you arrange a loan for $10,000, with month-to-month funds of $420 and a balloon cost of about $5,000 on the finish. The refinance ought to pay you off so your pal can afford to make the bigger cost on the finish.

Secured Promissory Notes

A promissory notice is “secured” when it’s tied to a selected property. Car loans and residential loans are the most typical kind of shopper secured promissory notes. In a enterprise, secured loans will be tied to autos, tools, actual property, and extra.

For instance, think about your pal needs to buy a brand new oven for her industrial bakery. You make the choice to loan her cash to purchase the oven. If you desire to the debt to be tied to the oven, you might create a secured promissory notice. That method, if she defaults on the loan, you may take the oven and promote it to get all or a part of your a refund.

Keep in thoughts that you could be want to satisfy particular recording necessities for such a transaction. You would possibly must file a discover with the secretary of state, so different potential lenders know that you’ve an interest within the oven. Talk to a lawyer in regards to the necessities in your space to completely defend your rights in that state of affairs.

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Does a promissory notice embody interest?

Most formal promissory notes will embody interest, however it’s not a requirement for a legally legitimate promissory notice. If you don’t want to cost your pal or member of the family interest, then make the loan interest-free or use 0% as your interest charge.

Leaving out the time period totally can imply that interest is routinely charged in some conditions, so it’s a good suggestion to nonetheless embody a time period that addresses interest in your promissory notice.

What makes a promissory notice invalid?

Promissory notes are versatile, however you need to embody a number of very important parts to make sure it’s legally legitimate.

  • Name of the events intertwined
  • Terms of the agreement
  • Signatures by each events

If you’ve gotten questions on making a promissory notice, ask a lawyer to get solutions tailor-made to your particular state of affairs.

This article accommodates common authorized info and doesn’t include authorized recommendation. Rocket Lawyer is just not a legislation agency or an alternative to an legal professional or legislation agency. The legislation is complicated and modifications typically. For authorized recommendation, please ask a lawyer.


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