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Virginia’s Governor Northam Signs Law Extending Financial Aid to Illegal Alien Students


On June 14, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, signed a recent law increasing state monetary support to unlawful aliens. During the ceremony, which passed off at Marymount University in Arlington, the governor justified his occasion’s coverage by asserting that unlawful aliens “are Virginians, in every sense of the word, except for the immigration status.” While many Virginians – each native-born ones and authorized immigrants – undoubtedly disagree with this giveaway to people who don’t have any proper to be within the nation, they’ll however be required to pay for the Democrats’ advantage signaling and false “generosity.”

The invoice, H.B. 2123, was initially launched within the Democratic-dominated Virginia House of Delegates by Del. Alfonso H. Lopez, who serves because the Democratic Whip. It handed the state House and Senate in February.

According to Virginia’s Legislative Information System, the legislation “[p]rovides that students who meet the criteria to be deemed eligible for in-state tuition regardless of their citizenship or immigration status shall be afforded the same educational benefits, including financial assistance programs administered by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia the State Board for Community Colleges, or a public institution of higher education, as any other individual who is eligible for in-state tuition.”

It will go into impact on August 1, 2022, and builds upon a legislation Northam signed in April 2020 making unlawful aliens eligible for Virginia in-state tuition.

During the ceremony, the governor said that the laws would profit the households of the unlawful alien faculty college students, and claimed that it was each good for Virginia’s economy (“more workers with degrees, who can fill job vacancies in our state,” i.e. extra job competitors) and an affirmation of the “American dream.” Much of the media additionally framed the difficulty in one-sidedly sympathetic phrases, with WDMV describing the laws as “an effort to diminish the barriers of students who are not citizens of the U.S. or immigrants” and writing with approval that “new incoming students enrolled in an online education or distance learning program will receive a tuition assistance grant award for $2,000.”

Predictably, neither the Democratic politicians, nor the pro-illegal-alien journalists, talked about the prices, or the truth that Virginia taxpayers can be on the hook for them. (Granted, some unlawful aliens pay taxes as well, however these revenues under no circumstances compensate for the massive and rising fiscal burden of illegal immigration.) In different phrases, authorized immigrants who adopted the foundations – and are working laborious to realize the “American dream” and put their very own youngsters by faculty – can be requested to fund monetary support for people who don’t have any authorized proper to be within the U.S. within the first place. And Governor Northam and his occasion are placing the latter earlier than “left behind” native-born Virginians languishing in poverty in economically depressed areas, similar to Appalachia, and others (see here, here, and here).

In addition to pandering,
virtue-signaling, and redistributing different individuals’s cash, the laws
signed by the governor can be a component of the open-borders crowd’s
never-ceasing makes an attempt to “normalize” unlawful migration by more and more
anchoring unauthorized aliens in American society in each manner potential. That
that is each at odds with the needs of the American individuals and the spirit of
our immigration legal guidelines is seemingly of no concern to them. Nor do Governor
Northam and his occasion appear in any respect anxious about the truth that providing extra
“goodies” – and in any other case making it simpler for international nationals to stay within the
nation illegally – incentivizes extra unlawful migration.


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