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Webcast (self-study CLE?) on the Impact of AI, IoT, and 3D Printing on Patenting


By David Hricik, Mercer Law School

I did a 65 minute dialog with Shubha Ghosh of Syracuse University College of Law on that subject, and you’ll find the YouTube video here.  i’ve had multiple conversations with practitioners just lately what place these points, as well because the Supreme Court’s 20 yr march towards much less patent safety and the present 101 miasma, have made patents much less useful.  This discusses why that could be so and methods to hurry up patenting to assist with a number of the points that quicker time-to-market and shorter time-on-market create.

About David

Professor of Law, Mercer University School of Law. Formerly Of Counsel, Taylor English Duma, LLP and in 2012-13, judicial clerk to Chief Judge Rader.


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