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Why are we nonetheless victim-blaming? – Stowe Family Law


Why are we nonetheless victim-blaming?

The tragic dying of Sarah Everard reminded us that ladies usually are not solely vulnerable to violence from males however that we’re blamed for it, too.  

Reflecting on this example left me asking why we’re nonetheless speaking about what girls can do to remain secure and never what males can do to cease threatening our security?


As a household unit lawyer who has intensive experience working with home abuse victims and undertaken specialist coaching on this space, my ideas turned to how this blame tradition can sadly be discovered within the household unit court docket system. 

Immediately once we noticed the story of Sarah lacking, questions have been raised within the media as as to if she had been consuming, whether or not she had earphones in, what she was sporting and why she was strolling alone.  

This is a stunning however sadly commonplace response to a girl falling sufferer to against the law.  An try to put the blame on the girl’s door for being a sufferer of against the law as a result of her behaviour, not concentrate on the unspeakable crime itself.  

I typically see this view elevate its ugly head with home abuse victims, with society questioning why the sufferer stayed, why they didn’t depart, why they returned to the connection after leaving. 

Society nonetheless appears someway to apportion blame to the sufferer for his or her behaviour. 

Experts consider that the peak of the danger to a sufferer of home abuse shouldn’t be while they’re in a relationship with an abuser, however on the level the abuser is made conscious the sufferer is leaving and between 1-2 years (generally longer) after they’ve left. 

A perpetrator is understood for being manipulative and making their sufferer dependent upon them (emotionally, financially, socially); they’re left with little self-confidence and consider their life shall be higher in the event that they keep.

Or they typically really feel they’re at much less threat and their kids at much less threat of hurt if they continue to be, so is there any surprise they do?

Just as a result of a sufferer doesn’t depart after the first/2nd/100th abusive incident doesn’t imply they’re guilty for any abuse suffered.

I used to be just lately interviewed on Talk Radio to provide my views on victim-blaming, and that I made it clear it was my view that it was very harmful. 

It makes it tougher for people to report against the law, permitting perpetrators to get away with out accountability, in the end resulting in extra crime.  

This must cease, and subsequently subsequent time you learn/hear of against the law, don’t have a look at what the sufferer did however what the perpetrator did as the difficulty.

All victims of crime and abuse must keep in mind that it’s by no means their fault – they’re the victims, not the perpetrator. 

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