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Yale Law School Director Resigns And Apparently We Need To Keep Reminding People Not To Hit On Their Students – Above the Law


Yale News reports that Don Carlson has left his position as senior executive director of the Yale Law School Tsai Leadership Program. This follows abandoning his Rhode Island congressional campaign last month and all of this follows Williams College telling him to hit the road back in 2019.

And Williams parted ways amid allegations that its then-economics instructor “made a romantic overture to a student while teaching at Williams.”

Carlson’s departure from Williams came after text messages surfaced in which Carlson allegedly alludes to a potential romantic relationship with a graduating senior. At the time, Carlson was concluding a temporary, full-time faculty role teaching economics. A second student reported the text messages to Williams, although no formal Title IX complaint was ever filed against Carlson.

The Leadership Program “equips our students with the robust, cross-disciplinary skill set needed to address the most vexing global challenges in order to create a more equitable and just future for all.” Perhaps these junior statespeople could bring that robust skill set to bear on the vexing challenge of horndog professors.

Because we keep having to write these articles.

YLS program director resigns after acknowledging broached romantic relationship with student at Williams [Yale News]

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